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Avoid Redundancy with Scenario Deduplication

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  • A large contact center would involve multiple managers and administrators simultaneously working towards managing the team. Under such circumstances, it is normal to see duplicates of training and management materials created by managers with an intention to make the team better. 

    A similar situation might also occur while using Level AI. Multiple managers/admins might end up creating scenarios with the same example phrases. In order to avoid this, we’ve built Scenario Deduplication to notify managers if the scenario they’re trying to create already exists in the system. 

    How does Scenario Deduplication work?

    The moment you enter an example phrase under a new scenario, the system will run it against example phrases of all the existing scenarios and notify you when there is conflict.

    The conflict will also show the name of the scenario under which the example phrase is already present. 

    Scenario deduplication showing a conflict when a redundant scenario is created.

    When you get a message that says No conflicts found, it means your scenario is good to go. 

    If you’re running a large enterprise-scale contact center, this feature will save your team a ton of time by preventing managers from creating redundant scenarios.