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Omniscient AI is Coming to Your Contact Center: Announcing QA-GPT by Level AI

Level AI Transformed Contact Center Operations to Uncover Customer Insights for an Insurance Provider

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  • Introduction:

    In the realm of contact centers, data is a gold mine waiting to be unlocked. Learn how a prominent provider of device insurance, warranty, and support services partnered with Level AI to turn their contact center and conversation data into actionable business and customer insights to improve team performance and customer experience. 

    Challenges: Navigating the Data Dilemma

    The company faced a conundrum – how to harness its contact center data effectively. The company had a lot of data, but it was difficult to make sense of it and identify actionable insights to deliver exceptional customer experiences while aligning with organizational goals.

    They also wanted to improve their quality assurance (QA) scoring system. The company’s existing system was based on a predefined set of rules and keywords, which was not always accurate or reflective of the true customer experience.

    The rapid business growth also left them with the constant challenge of keeping up with what mattered most i.e. the customer experience. Their scoring system was compressing, and the inaccurate distinction between good and bad scores indicated a need to refine their contact center metrics. Therefore, they embarked on a journey to reevaluate their data, what they should measure, and whether they were doing it effectively.

    Objectives: Unleashing the Power of Customer Experience

    The company’s primary objective was to unlock the full potential of their contact center by gaining a deeper understanding of the true customer experience through contact center data. They recognized that customer experience is at the core of their operations and that there might be areas they were not yet aware of but should care about.

    They needed a tool that could allow them to clearly understand how their agents are intercting with the customers, while also following the compliance & regulatory practices.

    They also aimed to understand what an automated generative AI solution looked like for their business. The kind of technology that could collect insights more effectively than their current approach and easily adapt to their business’s evolving needs.

    This customer also highlighted the importance of understanding nuances in conversations beyond binary outcomes. For instance, they wanted to assess whether a product was offered as well as the effectiveness of their sales pitch.

    Level AI’s Impact: Trustworthy Data and Unprecedented Insights

    The collaboration with Level AI allowed the company to venture into previously unexplored areas within their customer data, revealing new insights through a deeper comprehension of customer interactions. This marked a significant step toward making more informed decisions through the following solutions – 

    • Improved QA score quality: Level AI’s AI-powered QA scoring system helped them generate more accurate QA scores to reflect the true customer experience that the team was delivering. This helped the company identify and address areas where agents were excelling and where additional training was required.
    • Identified and addressed customer pain points: Level AI’s Voice of the Customer (VoC) solution helped them identify and analyze customer feedback from various sources. This information helped the company identify trending customer pain points and concerns, which enabled them to develop proactive solutions to address them.
    • Improved agent efficiency: With Level AI’s agent assist solution, this insurance company was able to provide real-time guidance and support to contact center agents. This enhancement empowers agents for faster issue resolution, leading to efficiency gains. For example, average handle times were reduced by 20%, and First Call Resolution rates increased by 15%, improving customer satisfaction.

    Conclusion: The Future of Customer Experience

    In conclusion, this case study highlights how Level AI played a pivotal role in enabling this insurance provider to unlock the untapped potential of their data, unearthing critical customer insights that were previously overlooked. These newfound insights are instrumental in enhancing the overall contact center experience, ultimately benefiting both the company and its customers. In addition to that, the innovative QA-GPT solution has revolutionized this insurance company’s approach to contact center QA scoring by generating the most accurate QA scores. As they continue to leverage generative AI and actionable insights, they’re poised for a future where cutting-edge technology empowers them to deliver the best customer experience. Level AI’s role in this transformative journey has been pivotal, ensuring that their contact center evolves and adapts to stay competitive and responsive to evolving customer needs.