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Highlights from the 2021 Customer Summit

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  • We recently had our first Customer Summit, and we were thrilled to see so many contact center leaders from major brands across the globe join us. We had a great time sharing and learning about the best practices in the space, the upcoming trends, and getting feedback around what we’re building at Level AI. Below are some highlights from the sessions.

    Welcome Keynote

    Ashish Nagar, Founder and CEO of Level AI opened up the event by sharing the history of the company and where we are headed. Some highlights from the roadmap include QA Auto Scoring, Gamification for QA & Agents, Automated notifications and reporting, and several new AI capabilities. Some of our customers shared how they are currently using gamification as a cost effective way to reward agents and drive performance.

    Conversational Intelligence Analytics

    During the Conversational Intelligence Analytics session, many of us shared the key pains CS leaders are trying to solve and how Level AI has been able to help. Some topics included having an omni-channel view, a one stop shop to be more proactive with QA, reporting for leadership, and easy ways to automate and share the voice of the customer across all lines of the business. Top problems these customers have been able to solve include:

    • Context on what is driving positive or negative sentiment
    • Insight beyond just keywords
    • Identifying product issues that are driving contact center volume

    Quality Assurance Best Practices

    Our improving QA practices session was an interactive forum that included:

    • The benefits of coaching
    • Automating tasks to minimize remedial work
    • Easing the burden of manual QA processes
    • How to get a more accurate reflection of agent performance

    One of our customers shared how they have transformed their QA function, going from needing several tools to score ~2% of conversations, to scoring 100% with automation in one platform. They still manually review the top rich conversations that are automatically flagged with InstaReview by Level AI.

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    Another customer discussed using Level AI for compliance use cases such as ensuring identity verification procedures are being met.

    The highlight for many however was complete visibility not just for QA but for agents too, such as insights into past QA scores, evaluations, trends, what they do well and don’t, the ability to automatically dispute, and more. This sets a higher bar for all across the team.

    Semantic Intelligence: Scenarios and Conversation Tags

    In the final session around Semantic Intelligence, we had a customer spotlight where we learned how Covid-19 has impacted quality in contact centers, and how Level AI has been able to help. With just a handful of training phrases, one customer was able to detect audio issues at high accuracy and identify agents with poor internet connectivity and/or communication devices at home. They were also able to identify agents who were not completing disclosure messages with just 8 training phrases at over 90% accuracy. We learned from several other customers creative ways they are detecting scenarios with just 3-4 example phrases, and even designing actions and flags to then guide agents and QA automatically.

    Closing Thoughts

    Please request a demo if you are interested in learning more about any of these topics or have some feedback for our team. We will be in-touch soon!

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