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Negative Phrases – An Overview

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  • You might be familiar with the role of example phrases while creating a scenario. The example phrases help the system to create semantic models and tag key moments during a support conversation when the example phrases or phrases similar to the example phrases were said by either the agent or the customer. 

    In short, example phrases trigger a scenario whenever the agent or the customer says something. Negative phrases do the exact opposite. It doesn’t trigger a scenario when the system comes across certain phrases. 

    Setting up Negative Phrases

    In order to set up negative phrases, 

    • Navigate to Settings > Scenarios and select the scenario to which you wish to add negative phrases. Click on the options icon (three dots) and select the Edit option. 
    • If you’re going to create a new scenario, click here to know how
    • In the scenario edit screen, you can see two tabs: example phrases and negative phrases. 
    • Click on the Negative phrases tab and add three phrases for the system to train the models. Please make sure that the negative phrases shouldn’t be synonymous with the example phrases, but should be the opposite. 
    • After adding the negative phrases, click Submit