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Powering Modern Contact Centers with Analytics

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  • Customers today expect more human-like interactions across all digital contact channels. Yet few modern contact centers have found solutions that harness true intelligence from customer interactions to drive customer-centric decision making and better customer experience (CX).

    Understanding human (and customer) language is one of the hardest problems in AI. It was only a few years ago that Machine Learning and AI-based conversational understanding capabilities ignited the “Natural Language revolution” we now know.

    Natural Language Understanding (NLU)-driven models deliver more comprehensive intelligence than other speech and text-based models due to one simple truth: NLU understands. It grasps the meaning and intent behind human language. Today, NLU-driven AI platforms have the power to not just automate workflows–but supercharge business intelligence. 

    How can contact centers leverage the power of NLU to streamline workflows, scale business operations, and supercharge customer experience?

    The simple answer? Analytics. NLU-driven analytics platforms can sit side by side with existing contact center tools and technologies to solve questions like “What is happening in our contact center and how can we act on it to drive revenue and efficiency?

    modern contact centers

    Here are a few ways NLU-based analytics can drive critical value for modern contact centers:

    1. Business scenario annotation and tracking

    What if you want to know what percentage of your conversations have website glitches, disclosure message issues, account cancellation issues, or refuse escalation issues?

    Whatever key moments or issues behind customer interactions you want to track, NLU listens into 100% of conversations and delivers complete coverage for these scenarios in each interaction.

    1. Conversation tagging for Quality Assurance and analytics in modern contact centers

    NLU analytics power QA and analytics workflows through delivering both high-level as well as deep-dive analytics into product, business, and contact center performance. It answers questions like “Which issue types are coming in most frequently to the contact center?”

    1. Conversation monitoring and feedback for agent compliance and growth

    NLU-driven conversation monitoring delivers automated real-time hints (for agent “should dos”) and surfaces real-time flags (for agent “shouldn’t dos”) that deliver cohesive value and live knowledge support during interactions.

    1. Automated case routing and categorization

    NLU analytics also power topic triaging, case summarization and auto-dispositioning for 100% of interactions, which delivers more systematic, uniform categorizations to maximize efficiency, as well as improve visibility into contact center performance.

    Analytics is the best way to keep your contact center performance on track. All you have to do is pay attention to the changing trends in agent performance and customer behavior and provide appropriate feedback to your team to help them deliver a consistent support experience.

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