Recognize Important Conversations with InstaReview

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It is often challenging for QA teams to filter and identify conversations with certain unique characteristics from a huge list of support conversations. It is time-consuming and brings down the productivity of QA teams. 

InstaReview automatically picks out outlier conversations which might be of interest for the QA teams to review. 

At the moment, our system is trained to isolate rich conversations (with more number of assists) and negative conversations (with more number of flags). When a conversation has a higher number of assists as well as flags, it will have both the tags associated with it. 

Accessing InstaReview

You can see conversations with InstaReview tags when you visit the Interaction history screen. 

If you wish to filter out conversations with a specific InstaReview tag, you can use the InstaReview filter on the Interaction history screen and choose the tag you want to see. You’ll now see conversations with the chosen tag with everything else filtered out of the list. 

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