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Demystifying GenAI: Separating Fact from Fiction in Contact Center Technology


Join us for a conversation with Ashish Nagar, Founder & CEO at Level AI & Abhimanyu Talwar, Head of Machine Learning, Engineering at Level AI

In today’s fast-paced world, customer expectations are higher than ever. Providing seamless and personalized customer experiences has become a crucial aspect of thriving in the business landscape. GenAI, the cutting-edge blend of AI technologies, promises to elevate your contact center to new heights, but understanding its real capabilities amidst all the hype can be challenging.

At Level AI’s exclusive webinar, we will demystify GenAI and address the facts and misconceptions surrounding this transformative technology.

This webinar is tailored for contact center leaders and customer experience or quality assurance professionals. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to grasp the true potential of GenAI and its role in transforming contact centers.