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Omniscient AI is Coming to Your Contact Center: Announcing QA-GPT by Level AI

Conversation Summary – An Overview

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  • It is difficult for an agent or a QA executive to understand the nature/intent of the conversation at a glance as it involves reading the entire chat transcript or listening to the audio file of the conversation. 

    Level AI uses the power of semantic intelligence to understand support conversations and summarize them for easy understanding of agents, managers, and QA teams. 

    This will get new agents and QA teams up to speed on the nature of the issue. 

    In order to access the conversation summary, follow these steps: 

    • Click on a conversation from your Level AI account. You can access it from the dashboard, analytics screen, and even from interaction history.
    • Click on the document icon present next to the conversation ID on the top left corner and you’ll see a pop-up displaying the conversation summary.