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Discover the potential of Generative AI that can identify crucial moments in every customer interaction to assist agents, accurately evaluate them to your exact standards, and derive actionable insights.

Contact center AI
Spearheading Generative AI Innovation

Level AI brings in many industry firsts like QA-GPT that automates QA with your custom scorecards, the first Generative AI based call disposition, VoC Insights that derive actionable insights from all of your customer interactions, and many more!

Fostering Trust With Transparency And Explainability

Level AI's transparent scenario detection AI reveals near misses and relevant matches to improve customer service, while QA-GPT provides evidence and reasoning behind its scores for enhanced decision-making.

AI That's Tailored to Your Business

Level AI's AI models are all trained on your business data, ensuring they are tuned to your business needs, from transcribing industry specific language to scoring agents on business specific metrics.

Paving the Future: Growing AI Capabilities in Every Quarter


Automatic Speech Recognition

Transcription AI trained on noisy contact center data and tuned for each client, delivering 7% lower word error rate than the industry standard.

automatic speech recognition

Call Disposition

Industry first Generative AI interaction auto-summaries that can save as much as 33% of agents’ time.

call disposition
Q1 2022

Multilingual Support

To support our clients with global operations, we rolled out translation and transcription for 100+ languages and semantic AI for German, French, and Spanish.

multilingual support
Q2 2022

QA Instascore

Get a unique Instascore using parts of your custom scorecard for 100% of your conversations saving countless hours of QA time.

Q3 2022

Intent Modeling Studio

Real-time feedback from AI intent model with near miss and relevant match phrases to set up the right phrases for a scenario.

real-time ai
Q4 2022

Entity Sentiment Detection

AI detects a wide range of customer emotions on services & products/solutions to get direct, unbiased feedback.

sentiment detection
Q1 2023

Agent GPT: Every Agent is Your Best Agent

Omniscient AI that auto-generates accurate answers to customer questions specific to your business.

agent gpt
Q2 2023

QA-GPT: 100% QA Your Way

Generative AI that auto-scores near 100% of your organization’s custom scorecard on every channel at near 100% accuracy for 100% of your conversations.

generative ai auto-qa
Q3 2023

Voice of the Customer Insights

Discover hidden trends, emerging themes, and root causes of issues in real time by mining 100% of your customer interactions.

voice of the customer insights
Q4 2023

Auto-Summary V2 & Sentiment V2

Concise yet comprehensive summary of every interaction and sentiment analysis that uses context, a range of emotions, and timing to deliver a score more accurate than CSAT.


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