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Build vs. Partner vs. Buy: How to choose the right AI strategy for your contact center

As contact centers are thinking about how to include AI into their tech stack, choosing the right implementation path can be daunting. Whether to build, partner, or buy a contact center purpose-built Artificial Intelligence platform is an important decision to make.

In this session, we sit down with Tyler Orrell, VP of Contact Center at QuinStreet Inc., to discuss this decision process in depth and learn his tips for success.

QuinStreet is a half a billion of revenue, media, lead generation and customer acquisition company for the banking, lending, insurance and home services companies, matching consumers with providers and with offices in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia.

With a wealth of experience in contact centers, business strategy, and innovation, Tyler has a proven track record of transforming businesses through the strategic application of cutting-edge technologies. Join us as he shares his expertise, practical tips, and visionary outlook on the future of AI-powered growth.

Featured Speakers

Tyler Orrell
QuinStreetVice President of Contact Center
A results-driven and proven Operations and Contact Center executive and consultant with an exemplary record of success. Deep experience in strategic planning, development vendor management/selection, and execution of business strategies. A leader in growing and developing Contact Centers on/near/off-shore that have critical-time and revenue-sensitive requirements.


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