Why choose Level AI over Observe AI?

Observe AI is a contact center conversational intelligence provider built on older AI technologies that require a lot of effort to set up and maintain. The platform is also let down by a transcription engine that is the object of frequent customer complaints.

Let’s delve into how Level AI differs!

Level AI & Observe AI Comparison

Observe AI Customers' Reviews

Level AI Customers' Outcomes

QA Auditors

5x faster QA evaluations means more time for agent coaching.


30% decrease in Agent Churn


25% increase in CSAT score.

Contact Center Leaders

20% increase in contact center efficiency

Business Leaders

100% visibility into VoC insights

How Level AI Compares to Observe AI

Level AI
Observe AI pricing and reviews


Level AI
Level AI has an in-house AI trained on noisy contact center data transcription engine with over 85% accuracy and comes with advanced features like automated redaction, speaker separation and entity boosting for brand and product names.
Observe AI pricing and reviews
When it comes to automating contact center tasks, quality transcription is crucial. Observe AI benchmark with off-the-shelf transcription tools is at 72% accuracy and come up short in delivering accurate transcriptions for noisy contact center data.

Make Auto-QA work for you

Level AI
Near-human accuracy auto-scoring of your organization’s entire scorecards
Level AI comes with a truly revolutionary Auto-QA solution that can evaluate all of your conversations on nearly every assessment criteria and standard on your scorecard with near-human accuracy. With QA-GPT, setting up Auto-QA is as simple as typing in your existing scorecard Questions, and QA-GPT would understand just like a QA manager and evaluate with near-human accuracy.
Observe AI pricing and reviews
Inflexible, unreliable, black-box scoring
Observe AI comes with a handy no-code tool for you to build complex scenarios and leaves you the task of imagining every possible phrase and keyword the customer may use with no way of knowing what you’ve missed rather than letting the AI do the job. It also doesn’t score conversations using all of your custom evaluation criteria and standards.

Advanced AI and Conversation Intelligence

Level AI
Sophisticated AI with human-like reasoning
Level AI’s underlying technology leverages advanced semantic intelligence and Generative AI, surfacing insights on critical conversations. It can take entire conversations into context rather than relying on matching keywords and phrases, allowing it to reason and understand like a human. The AI provides reasoning for auto scores with contextual quotes resulting in an Auto-QA that’s 10x more accurate and trustworthy.
Observe AI pricing and reviews
Unreliable black-box AI
Selecting the right Auto-QA and conversation analytics platform hinges on one crucial factor: the quality of its underlying AI technology. Unfortunately, Observe AI relies on black box, first-generation, legacy keyword-based technology, which is known for being inherently inaccurate, untrustworthy, and lacks the ability to provide reasoning for its scores.

AI Analytics

Level AI
Valuable AI-enabled analytics and custom reports
Level AI’s leading AI engine automatically extracts all sorts of analytics from your unstructured omnichannel customer data: from call center data and QA reports to valuable business insights like customer or product analytics. In addition to excellent out-of-the-box dashboards, QA Managers can create custom dashboards to track their most important metrics, apply filters, group data, and much more.
Observe AI pricing and reviews
No AI-driven analytics
Observe AI doesn’t have AI-enabled analytics like voice of the customer or other business insights from your contact center. Instead, it comes with a graph-building tool that only lets you pull data from your existing databases.

Insights for Your Product, Business Teams

Level AI
Generative AI insights from every conversation
Level AI offers a comprehensive understanding of voice of the customer using generative AI. Insights are available at a granular level for every conversation and a high level with topics and subtopics trending over time.
Observe AI pricing and reviews
Unactionable insights without context
Observe AI offers unactionable wordclouds of prelabeled topics. This is an old text-analytics solution that predates modern AI and is not a true “voice of the customer” solution. They don’t offer AI that can pick up new topics that are raised by customers or show their trend over time, or provide actionable insights.

Agent Support/Assist

Level AI
Always available real-time guidance based on past conversations and articles
Provides knowledge assist and real-time guidance on the next best actions to drive down AHT and solve customer problems faster. AgentGPT will answer agents’ questions in real time with information from past conversations and knowledge bases.
Observe AI pricing and reviews
Limited real-time assistance that needs a lot of setup
Observe AI’s new generative AI learns from knowledgebases to provide prompts to agents on only pre-defined triggers. Auto coaching is limited to giving meaningless platitudes and cold robotic encouragement to agents.

Agent Screen Recording

Level AI
Process adherence in every conversation
Easy to use multi-screen recording that intelligently records every conversation and post-call wrap up automatically with customizable PSI and PII redaction. Moreover, Level AI’s semantic engine leverages NLU to highlight critical moments of conversations on screen capture for QA managers.
Observe AI pricing and reviews
Screen recording that adds to a QA manager’s workload
Observe AI’s screen recording solution doesn’t sync up with and integrate into the QA interaction analysis platform leading to many frustrated minutes being spent on wrangling together the various tools for recording and redaction rather than evaluating the conversations.

What are customers saying about Level AI?

Level AI's semantic-based system is unique. We are getting a minimum of 82% accuracy from Level AI semantic tags. Overall 2x better than anything we have tested.

Chris Lewis

Contact Center Product Manager

We want to be able to do analytics for product, ops and contact center teams while supporting customer service. Level AI's intent based system + omnichannel is unique.

David Demarco

VP Delivery and Business Systems

Carta FinTech - Level AI Contact Center Software

Level AI helps us solve quality assurance, product management, and customer service pain points. As we scale, cannot imagine the business without Level AI.

Yuliya Ordova

Senior Director, CS Strategy



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Observe AI is a technology platform that specializes in call center analytics and customer service optimization. It leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP) to analyze and extract valuable insights from customer service phone calls in real-time. Observe AI was funded in 2017.

Observe AI is an advanced call center analytics platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It works by analyzing recorded customer service calls, transcribing them, and using natural language processing (NLP) to extract valuable insights and data from these interactions. This helps businesses gain deeper understanding of customer needs and agent performance.

Observe AI offers ROI based pricing. It is crucial to understand the promised ROI and maintain a level of skepticism on every promise made.

While Observe AI offers numerous benefits, it’s essential to consider potential limitations. These may include the initial cost of implementation and training, the need for ongoing maintenance, and the requirement for high-quality call recordings for accurate analysis.

AI, like any technology, is not infallible. While Observe AI strives for accuracy, there can be instances where it may misinterpret or miss specific nuances in call interactions. To mitigate this, we encourage human oversight and continuous refinement of the AI training phrases.

Integrating new technology can sometimes lead to technical challenges or disruptions. Observe AI is designed to minimize these issues through careful planning and support during the integration process. However, it’s essential to be prepared for potential adjustments and ensure that the integration is executed smoothly.

Observe AI has many competitors.

The main one being Level AI, the Gartner’s choice backed by top tier venture firm Battery Ventures.

Other vendors from a 2013 vintage:

  • Tethr
  • MaestroQA, a call center quality assurance company that is still figuring out its AI strategy

Older players such as

And the incumbent (funded in 2002) with a legacy tech stack, CallMiner

With the rise and power  of generative AI and Large Language Models, when choosing a conversation intelligence, contact center performance management, agent assist or quality assurance monitoring platform your #1 criteria to look for is the quality of underlying AI since this is the engine that will provide the automation and effectiveness of the solution. Want to learn more about contact center AI, and what makes for good AI? Download this great resource: “How to evaluate AI for your contact center.

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