Contact Center Leaders

Take Your Contact Center to the Next Level with Generative AI

Level AI delivers optimization and transparency to your contact center operations using its cutting-edge semantic engine that leverages NLU to automate quality assurance across omni-channels. With Level AI’s Contact Center AI Software in place, you can access advanced analytics, personalized coaching plans, and provide real-time agent assistance.

The New Era of Contact Center AI Software

Leave behind the limitations of analyzing just a few calls and manual QA processes. Enter the era of 100% call analysis for real-time conversation analytics and actionable insights across all support channels. Leverage these insights to make data-driven business decisions, optimize processes, and easily monitor the performance of your support teams. The results? Improve contact center performance, drive customer satisfaction, and increase operational efficiency.

Optimize your Contact Center with Next Level AI

Multiple Insights. One Dashboard.

The home dashboard gives you an overview of your teams’ performance, offers insights on critical conversations, and helps you monitor team-wise performance indicators to ensure consistent customer experience across all support channels.

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Custom Analytics for Power Users

Build out-of-the-box dashboards based on your conversation data to understand what’s happening across voice calls, email, and chat conversations – from team performance to QA scores of individual agents.

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Automated Quality Assurance. Powered by Generative AI.

​​Level AI’s cutting-edge QA-GPT auto-scores nearly 100% of your organization’s custom scorecard on every channel (call, chat, or email) – according to your organization's custom scorecards –with near-human accuracy. Moreover, key moments are tagged in each conversation to surface critical agent behaviors and meaningful customer sentiments.

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Add eyes to your QA analysis

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the customer-agent experience. Get full visibility into how tickets are handled to identify coaching opportunities and gaps in agent workflows and resources, streamline agent experience, and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Level AI benefit my contact center operations as a leader?

Level AI is a call center quality assurance tool that offers various benefits, including improved agent performance, enhanced customer experience, and valuable insights for decision-making. It streamlines contact center QA processes and ensures compliance with company standards.

How does Level AI assist in monitoring and assessing agent performance?

Level AI uses advanced semantic intelligence and natural language understanding-driven call center AI software to analyze customer interactions. It can provide detailed insights into agent performance, including script adherence, sentiment analysis, and compliance with quality standards, and therefore help in contact center and customer experience management.

Can Level AI integrate with our existing contact center software and tools?

Yes, Level AI is designed to integrate seamlessly with various contact center systems, such as CRM platforms, ticketing systems, and communication tools. This integration ensures a cohesive and comprehensive approach to quality assurance.

How can Level AI help identify coaching and training opportunities for agent performance management to power call center optimization?

Level AI can identify areas where agents may need coaching or training by highlighting specific interactions or aspects of their performance that require improvement. This information can be used to tailor coaching plans effectively.

What types of reports and contact center analytics does Level AI offer for contact center leaders?

Level AI provides detailed reports and analytics on agent performance, customer sentiment, call center compliance metrics, and key trends in customer interactions. These insights can guide decision-making and continuous improvement efforts.

What is the implementation process like for Level AI in a contact center?

The implementation process typically involves data integration, configuration, and agent training. The Level AI customer success team collaborates closely with you to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.


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