Achieve peak performance with AI-powered insights

Level AI utilizes generative AI to provide unbiased QA scores, recognize excellence in customer interactions, and enable personalized coaching. The comprehensive QA software accelerates your path to becoming the best support agent in your company & boosts your professional growth.

Fuel Consistent Growth with AI-Powered Insights

Streamline interactions, reduce call handling time, and boost overall performance with Level AI. Demonstrate your excellence with unbiased scores and highlight actionable insights on the specific areas for improvement for your growth to help you become every customer's champion. Moreover, make sure your performance never goes unnoticed with evidence-based insights into your performance.

Unlock the New Level of Productivity

Personalized 1:1 Coaching

Level AI has a dedicated coaching module to help you achieve peak performance. The module helps you track coaching feedback on specific conversations, suggested action items for performance improvement, and victories you’ve achieved over time.

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Unlock Productivity: Let Automation Handle Repetition

Achieve peak performance and low call handling time by automating your routine, repetitive tasks, such as data entry and call disposition, with Level AI, so you can focus on more complex and value-added activities to make customers happy.

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Gen-AI based Agent Assist

Get instant access to the documents, links, hints, and warnings while you're in a conversation with a customer using Generative AI technology. Answer customer queries on even the trickiest topics, promoting confidence and giving customers true satisfaction in each interaction.

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Access Analytics to Drive Performance

Break the black box on your performance by accessing reports & dashboards on your performance, including CSAT score, call resolution rates, AHT, and more. Leverage these insights to make your customer interactions rich & impactful.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Level AI, and how can it benefit agents in a contact center?

Level AI is a contact center quality assurance software that uses artificial intelligence to enhance agent performance and customer interactions. It benefits agents by providing Real-Time Agent Assist, personalized coaching, and valuable insights.

How does Conversation Analytics from Level AI improve agent performance?

Level AI improves agent performance by analyzing customer interactions, offering real-time suggestions, and generating actionable insights. This helps agents provide better support and meet performance goals.

Can Quality Assurance Software such as Level AI help agents with training and skill development?

Yes, Level AI offers personalized coaching plans based on AI-generated insights. It assists agents in skill development and continuous improvement.

What types of data and interactions does Conversational AI Technology analyze?

Level AI analyzes a wide range of customer interactions, including calls, chats, emails, and more to provide Agent Performance Analytics. It examines language, sentiment, and conversation patterns to provide insights and Call Center Agent Feedback.

How does Level AI assist agents during customer interactions?

Level AI provides real time agent assist tools that offer suggestions, answers, and relevant information using the call center knowledge base to help agents handle customer queries effectively. This support helps agents improve First Call Resolution (FCR) and improve Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Agent Productivity, Call Quality & Call Transfers and Escalations.

Can agents access their performance metrics and insights through Level AI?

Yes, agents can access their performance metrics and insights generated by Level AI. This helps them track their progress and identify areas for improvement.


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