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MaestroQA is a rudimentary quality assurance software catered mainly to SMBs. MaestroQA’s underdeveloped AI capabilities limit its automation and effectiveness potential.

Don’t settle for manual quality assurance software when you can scale your QA processes and boost contact center performance with advanced AI automation.

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QA Auditors

5x faster QA evaluations means more time for agent coaching.


30% decrease in Agent Churn

25% increase in CSAT score.
Contact Center Leaders

20% increase in contact center efficiency

Business Leaders

100% visibility into VoC insights

How Level AI Compares to MaestroQA

With purpose-built, proprietary AI models to help contact centers exceed customer expectations and drive profitable business growth, Level AI is the superior alternative to MaestroQA.
Level AI
maestroqa pricing

Artificial Intelligence

Level AI
Advanced contact center AI technology that is second to none
Proprietary AI technology that analyzes entire conversations and understands the underlying intent to provide accurate automated scoring, insights, analytics, and real-time agent answers.
maestroqa pricing
Basic capabilities to detect negative sentiment
MaestroQA uses manual user-defined logic and keywords to detect sentiment and classify conversations, lacking true AI and machine learning to understand customer intent for accurate insights.


Level AI
Near-human accuracy to auto-score all your scorecards
A GenAI-driven solution that automatically and thoroughly scores according to your unique grading rubrics with evidence-based evaluations supported by your conversation data.
maestroqa pricing
Inflexible, unreliable, black-box scoring
MaestroQA’s Auto QA uses an outdated text-analytics algorithm that relies on manual keyword definitions, leading to inaccurate tagging, analysis, and scoring.

Contact Center and Business Analytics

Level AI
AI-driven analytics to uncover accurate and actionable customer, business, and product insights
Level AI’s conversational analytics automates data collection and continuously improves for accurate customer and business insights while offering out-of-the-box and easily customizable dashboards with minimal setup.
maestroqa pricing
Manual, rule-based logic that fails to capture the full story
MaestroQA analytics only covers manual review of less than 2% of individual and team QA scores. Automated conversation analytics relies on user-defined rule-based keywords, leading to low data accuracy and poor-quality business insights.

Voice of the Customer

Level AI
GenAI-powered Voice of the Customer (VoC) reports
Level AI uses advanced semantic and generative AI to provide effortless, no-setup Voice of the Customer insights, freeing you to focus on your business.
maestroqa pricing
VoC insights buried in an ocean of keywords
MaestroQA’s keyword-based technology lacks AI capabilities to reveal customer trends and previously undiscovered insights, preventing a comprehensive view of the voice of the customer.


Level AI
AI-driven to identify critical coaching opportunities and provide evidence-based learning
Level AI’s coaching module analyzes all conversations to offer evidence-based performance insights, highlighting learning and improvement opportunities. Agents can respond to their coaching plans directly on the platform, creating a transparent feedback loop.
maestroqa pricing
Unable to pinpoint where the agent went wrong, or right
MaestroQA’s manual processes limit coaches to a small sample of agent conversations, making it difficult to identify areas for improvement. Coaches can’t provide sound feedback without concrete interaction evidence, and agents are left in the dark.

Real-time Agent Assist

Level AI
Guide your agents through difficult interactions, in real-time
Timely hints, reminders, and next-best actions, along with our AI-powered tools that are trained on your data to auto-generate instant, accurate responses, empower agents to become confident and knowledgeable experts.
maestroqa pricing
Not available with MaestroQA

Screen Recording

Level AI
Advanced screen recording with video redaction and more
Level AI’s screen recording offers video redaction, omnichannel recording, background mode, and more for instant insights into productivity, coaching, compliance, and QA.
maestroqa pricing
Basic functionality
MaestroQA offers this as a basic functionality where agents can install a widget on their browser that, on manual trigger, will record what is happening on their screens.

What are customers saying about Level AI?

Level AI's semantic-based system is unique. We are getting a minimum of 82% accuracy from Level AI semantic tags. Overall 2x better than anything we have tested.

Chris Lewis

Contact Center Product Manager

We want to be able to do analytics for product, ops and contact center teams while supporting customer service. Level AI's intent based system + omnichannel is unique.

David Demarco

VP Delivery and Business Systems

Carta FinTech - Level AI Contact Center Software

Level AI helps us solve quality assurance, product management, and customer service pain points. As we scale, cannot imagine the business without Level AI.

Yuliya Ordova

Senior Director, CS Strategy



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MaestroQA is a software platform that helps businesses evaluate and improve the quality of their customer service interactions. It allows companies to assess the performance of customer service agents, provide feedback, and track improvement over time.
MaestroQA integrates with your customer service tools and collects data on customer interactions, such as calls, chats, or emails. It then uses this data to create evaluations and scorecards for agents, helping businesses identify areas for improvement.
MaestroQA is useful for a wide range of businesses that provide customer support, including call centers, e-commerce companies, software companies, and more.
MaestroQA offers features like automated scoring, customizable evaluation forms, coaching workflows, analytics and reporting, integrations with customer support tools, and real-time feedback for agents.
MaestroQA pricing is based on the number of agents in your team, the level of support you need, and the specific features required.

MaestroQA has received various reviews from their customers, reflecting a range of positive and negative experiences. Here are some pros and cons of MaestroQA, based on their customer reviews:

Pros –

  • Easy to set up
  • Reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Ability to identify customer pain points
  • Helps to improve customer satisfaction and agent performance
  • Good customer support

Cons –

  • Limited in its QA functionality and trails competitors in its innovation
  • UI is not very user-friendly
  • Issues with transcription accuracy
  • Can be difficult to customize the platform to meet specific needs
  • Metrics and reporting are lacking in ease of use and functionality
MaestroQA has a number of competitors who also have the ability to record and evaluate customer interactions, track agent performance, and deliver coaching. However, there are some key differences between the different products and some competitors offer more advanced AI-powered capabilities, and/or more robust reporting and analytics features. Below are some MaestroQA competitors:

New entrants to the market over the last few years –

Veteran vendors running on legacy platforms –

With the advancement of leveraging generative AI and large language models (LLM) to automate critical tasks and improve business efficiency, a key aspect when looking for a conversation intelligence, quality assurance, or a comprehensive contact center performance management software that also include coaching and agent assist is the quality of underlying AI technology. Download our e-book, ‘How to evaluate AI for your contact center’ to learn more about how AI can boost business performance and streamline operations, and what ‘good AI’ means regarding contact centers.

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