Why choose Level AI over Uniphore?

Uniphore, a Conversational Service Automation, specializes in conversation analysis but lacks comprehensive QA. It relies on word cloud technology, limiting insights for your contact center. Consider enhancing your contact center performance with Level AI’s advanced AI technology. 

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Uniphore vs. Level AI Software Comparison

Level AI Business Outcomes

QA Auditors

5x faster QA evaluations means more time for agent coaching.


30% decrease in Agent Churn

25% increase in CSAT score.
Contact Center Leaders

20% increase in contact center efficiency

Business Leaders

100% visibility into VoC insights

Compare level AI with Uniphore

Level AI
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Advanced Generative AI and Conversation Intelligence

Level AI
State-of-the-art AI

Level AI uses NLU-powered generative AI & semantic intelligence for insights, conversation routing, pre-train models to tag key moments, and more.

Inaccurate AI module

Uniphore’s word cloud-based method for understanding customer’s voice yields inaccurate insights with frequent false positives.

Level AI
Near-human accuracy auto-scoring of your organization’s entire scorecards

Level AI employs Generative AI technology to deliver near-human QA accuracy by evaluating conversations against custom scorecards without complex setup.

Manual QA setup

No automated QA; managers define rules for insights & manually assign conversations to the QA team.


Level AI
Accelerate contact center growth
Level AI’s Calibration capabilities enable QA managers and auditors to evaluate identical conversations to understand the variations in their evaluations. This helps QA
No Calibration

Uniphore doesn’t have a QA calibration feature. 

AI Analytics

Level AI
Empowering comprehensive analysis with custom dashboards

Level AI automatically extracts your contact center data to create custom reports, enabling QA Managers to monitor team and agent performance with their QA scores.

Complex analytical framework

Uniphore custom dashboard comes with widgets that can be overwhelming and difficult to read for users.

Agent Coaching and Performance

Level AI
AI-drive coaching dashboard with agent-specific personalization

Level AI’s Agent Coaching module allows contact center managers to analyze agent performance, identify gaps, set up action plans, select customer conversations for review, schedule coaching sessions, track progress, & more — all from one place.

Incomplete coaching module

Uniphore does not offer any dedicated module for agent coaching. QA Managers can only provide agent feedback via comments on the call analysis dashboard.

Level AI
Add eyes to your QA analysis

Level AI enables QA managers and auditors to monitor agent-customer interactions, capture multiple screens, & employ NLU to highlight key conversation moments.

Screen recording limited to compliance

Uniphore’s screen recording lacks integration with agent QA cards, & offering no insight on how screen behavior impacts agent performance.

Security & Compliance

Level AI
Among the most secure software solutions
pci compliance level ai
Basic certification that limits your reach
pci compliance level ai

how level AI is exceeding contact center expectations

Level AI's semantic-based system is unique. We are getting a minimum of 82% accuracy from Level AI semantic tags. Overall 2x better than anything we have tested.

Chris Lewis

Contact Center Product Manager

We want to be able to do analytics for product, ops and contact center teams while supporting customer service. Level AI's intent based system + omnichannel is unique.

David Demarco

VP Delivery and Business Systems

Carta FinTech - Level AI Contact Center Software

Level AI helps us solve quality assurance, product management, and customer service pain points. As we scale, cannot imagine the business without Level AI.

Yuliya Ordova

Senior Director, CS Strategy



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Uniphore operates as a company focused on conversational automation technology. They offer software solutions for conversational analytics, conversational assistants, and conversational security. However, Uniphore’s capabilities are somewhat constrained in the field of QA analysis, with a significant portion of the setup being executed manually.
Uniphore utilizes its conversational AI technology to deliver contact center metrics. However, the software’s reliance on word cloud technology results in a shortfall of more profound understanding regarding the root causes behind those metrics.
It depends on your CRM tool. Uniphore is designed to integrate with popular CRM and contact center platforms.
Uniphore pricing depends upon the product suit that customers are offering to choose from. For e.g., Uniphore conversational ai has different pricing compared to Uniphore intelligence. However, the general cost is around $35 per agent + ~$1500 per integration + platform fees.
The Competitive arena of Uniphore has a diverse set of Contenders. Newer entrants such as Other vendors from a 2013 vintage:
  • Tethr
  • MaestroQA, a call center quality assurance company that is still figuring out its AI strategy
In the league of older vendors:
  • Playvox, a lightweight software solution for small-medium-sized businesses (SMB),capturing customer interactions from text-based channels only like email and chat support
  • CallMiner
With the rise and power of generative AI and Large Language Models, when choosing a conversation intelligence, contact center performance management, agent assist or quality assurance monitoring platform your #1 criteria to look for is the quality of underlying AI since this is the engine that will provide the automation and effectiveness of the solution. Want to learn more contact center AI, and what makes for good AI? Download this great resource: How to evaluate AI for your contact center.

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