Next-Gen AI for Healthcare Contact Center Excellence

Elevate patient experiences by analyzing Support Calls with Generative AI technology and guiding agents in real-time. Understand touchpoints that drive patient satisfaction, ensure adherence to protocol, and drive efficiency in your healthcare contact center.

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Crack the Code to Delivering Empathetic Care to Every Patient with Advanced AI

Enhance Patient Care Experience. Drive Retention.

Measure patient experience in every interaction. Decode patient emotions & coach agents on addressing key patient concerns, enabling empathetic and personalized support. Enhance patient care experiences by implementing proven guidelines & procedures for agents to swiftly book appointments or handle claims.

Streamline RCM. Accelerate Revenue.

Optimize revenue cycle, improve cash flow, and ensure accurate reimbursement by reminding agents to follow up on outstanding/late payments, analyzing calls to eliminate patient registration and data entry mistakes & helping them resolve any billing inquiries.

Improve Quality of Care & Health Outcomes.

Train your healthcare contact center agents to never miss a beat while handling time-critical inquiries and prescription requests. Additionally, provide real-time guidance based on patient symptoms to decrease care providers' efforts & improve response times.

Level AI’s solutions not only saved time and resources by optimizing our customer support operations but also improved overall customer experience, which is invaluable in the health and wellness industry.

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Unlock the Future of Healthcare Contact Centers with Level AI

Monitor the quality of care

Our powerful AI engine scores the quality of each and every phone or text-based patient-provider interaction with near-human accuracy and assists providers or payers with real-time insights and guidance.

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Healthcare quality assurance

Coach staff at scale

Level AI generates personalized data-driven coaching plans for every agent. Whether the healthcare contact center is a health facility or a payer organization, equip each agent with personalized action plans based on their past patient interactions to improve the quality of care, patient experience, health outcomes, and payment collections.

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Healthcare agent coaching

Lighten the administrative burden

Healthcare professionals can give patients their full attention while our generative AI is taking notes, and summarizing the call. Call summaries can be edited and synched to any system of records.

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Healthcare contact center AI

Create exceptional patient experiences

Our advanced generative AI synthesizes all of the patient inquiries into one dashboard and distills them down into the main drivers of the patient experience.

Transform the insights into a deeper understanding of patient concerns, enhanced agent performance, increased patient satisfaction, and share of wallet.

Healthcare customer experience

Ensure agents adhere to compliance practices effortlessly

Avoid substantial fines by identifying non-compliance violations and educating agents on regulations like HIPAA, HITECH, and FDCI. Level AI also automatically redacts patient's sensitive PHI or PII information, saving time and effort.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to measure patient satisfaction?

Patient satisfaction is traditionally measured via patient satisfaction surveys. Patient satisfaction surveys are questionnaires or interviews used to gather feedback from patients about their experience with healthcare services. They are a common tool for healthcare providers to understand patient experience, identify areas for improvement, and benchmark against other facilities and clinics.

While beneficial, patient satisfaction surveys have major limitations, including low participation rates and the limited scope of these surveys.

Conversation Intelligence platforms such as Level AI solve these limitations. Using Generative AI, Level AI extracts Voice of the Customer Insights from 100% of conversations, proactively identifying and organizing drivers of patient experience by the severity and sentiment score as well as the frequency of occurrence in conversations. Level AI is HIPPA compliant.

What specific AI capabilities does Level AI offer as a healthcare contact center software?

Level AI can provide capabilities such as natural language understanding and generative AI in Healthcare to understand patient inquiries, sentiment analysis to gauge patient emotions.

How does call center software for healthcare contribute to better patient satisfaction and retention?

Level AI leverages conversational AI in healthcare that helps agents in delivering more accurate and responsive patient care, in real-time, leading to improved patient satisfaction. By providing personalized recommendations and efficient support, it can also contribute to higher patient retention rates.

How does patient engagement software help in improving patient interactions and patient satisfaction in healthcare?

Level AI can assist agents by providing relevant information, suggesting appropriate responses, and identifying potential cross-selling or upselling opportunities. This leads to more effective and personalized patient interactions.

Is Level AI compatible with existing healthcare contact center systems and software?

Level AI solutions are designed to be compatible with a wide range of healthcare contact center systems and software, including CRM platforms and electronic health record (EHR) systems.


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