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Agent Screen Recording

Take Quality Monitoring to the Next Level With Agent Screen Recording

Agent screen recording provides contact center managers with a comprehensive understanding of the customer-agent experience. The session playbacks generated help identify coaching opportunities, gaps in agent workflows and resources, streamline agent experience and ultimately enhance customer satisfaction

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Secure Eyes for your Contact Center

Uncovers Process Inefficiencies

Take quality monitoring to the next level and reduce Average Handling Times (AHT) further by expanding beyond audio recording. Adding screen recording helps you identify and resolve process bottlenecks, streamline cumbersome workflows, and uncover missing resources.

Flag Procedure Non-Adherence & Meet Regulatory Requirements

An eye into the activities performed by agents helps QA managers in making sure that the agents are not deviating from the internal procedures. This also helps them ensure compliance with regulations and company policies with evidence that agents are adhering to legal and ethical standards.

Optimize Training and Coaching

Bring transparency into agents' understanding of systems and processes to curate agent coaching plans focused on optimized processes and proven strategies. Clearly identify areas where agents are excelling or struggling to provide more effective and targeted feedback, and training.

Detect Potential Fraudulent Activities

Computer vision-driven security and fraud activity detection combines screen recording technology with computer vision algorithms to identify security threats and fraudulent activities in contact center operations.

"As a design and marketing partner to millions of small businesses worldwide, Vista has always prioritized customer experience. Level AI's agent screen recording has added "eyes" to a process where we only had "ears" before. This has helped us identify opportunities to improve our processes and tools and coach our agents more effectively, which improves both team member satisfaction and customer experience."

Michael Villanueva
Global Director of Quality - CARE

"Your advanced call center screen recording capability and redaction won the day. Your competition said, we just can't match Level AI in that area."

Vice President

Power your QA with the most advanced call center screen recording tool

QA Like Never Before

Augment your QA capabilities by harnessing the synergy of audio and video for comprehensive case evaluation of agent-customers interaction. Review the agent’s screen activities during specific moments in the conversations that the AI is configured to detect ( customer frustration, package return, refunds & escalation, etc.). Level AI also enables simultaneous recordings of multiple screens simultaneously for a holistic view of the agent’s actions.

Omni-channel Recording

Capture interaction across voice, email and chat using our single application to analyze customer interactions. A transparent view of how agents handle interactions across channels will give you the insights needed to uncover areas for improvement, provide tailored coaching, optimize query-solving processes and ultimately provide superior customer experience.

State-of-the-art Redaction

Level AI utilizes cutting-edge technology to detect and remove confidential PSI and PII information, such as credit card details and CVV numbers, in order to uphold the highest security standards. You can confidently rely on Level AI to guarantee adherence to data privacy regulations.

Smart Recording Mechanism

Agent screen recording begins only when an agent assigns a ticket to their name and stops recording when the agent marks a ticket as resolved. No need to sift through an 8-hour shift playback as every recording is associated with relevant case information. Additionally, Level AI allows you to record wrap-up time post-conversation.


Agent screen recording gives contact center managers and team leaders the ability to view what their agent sees on-screen during a customer conversation. With the use of screen capture technology and software, managers can view real-time interactions between agents and customers or callers.

In contact centers where customer communication occurs through various channels such as email, online chat, and phone calls. Screen capture enables managers and agents to monitor and evaluate usage and agent performance in these channels. By adding screen recording to the QA, managers can get the complete picture of customer interactions. The valuable insights obtained from these desktop monitoring can help in identifying areas where agents may encounter challenges, highlighting the need for process improvements. These improvements may include addressing issues such as redundant system logins, excessive keystrokes, unclear application user interface, and other more.

The legality of agent screen recording can vary depending on the specific jurisdiction and applicable laws. In many cases, businesses may implement desktop monitoring as a legitimate and necessary tool for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes. However, it is crucial to comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding privacy, data protection, and consent.

The desktop monitoring starts when an agent begins working on the support ticket and ends when the ticket is resolved or closed. This ensures that any other actions performed by agents are not captured, preserving their privacy.

Understand the agent’s actions and performance in key moments like escalation, happiness and frustration to decode the winning behavior. Use this knowledge to curate agent coaching plans on the optimized processes and proven strategies that have worked for top-performing agents to decrease the gap between top and bottom performers.

Supervisors can also Improve call center compliance rate to 100% by making sure that the agents are adhering to the process.

Level AI offers seamless integration with various tools like Salesforce, AWS Connect, and Talkdesk. Users have the flexibility to choose specific events, such as incoming customer queries, as triggers for initiating screen recordings. Once triggered, these recordings, along with the corresponding audio, can be accessed by managers through the conversation history section on the Level AI platform.

Agents will not have prior knowledge or awareness of when the screen recording starts.

By regularly reviewing agent screen recordings, organizations can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement in their customer service processes. Insights gained from these recordings can inform process enhancements, system optimizations, and the implementation of new strategies to better meet customer needs and expectations.

Moreover, supervisors and QA managers can review the recordings to assess the quality of customer service provided. They can identify areas where agents excel and areas where improvement is needed, enabling targeted coaching and training interventions to enhance customer experience.

Improve CX with Agent Screen Recording