Empower agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences with effective coaching, evidence-based feedback, transparent progress tracking, open communication, and victory celebrations.

Map Out Your Agents’ Learning Journey

Level AI’s Agent Coaching provides a holistic agent learning experience made simple, trackable, and efficient with advanced AI technology. The platform intelligently identifies the teams, agents, and conversations that need attention while adhering to your exact scoring rubrics. Save time and resources on manual selection and reviews and hone in on the critical issues to accelerate agent learning through data and evidenced-based action plans, build trust with transparent progress tracking, and ensure consistent service quality across the team.

Key Features

Manage Coaching Sessions For The Entire Team

Access all agent coaching information from one interface. This includes built-in coaching templates, overviews of previous coaching sessions, the number of sessions conducted, and upcoming coaching sessions for each agent on the team.

Discover Conversations That Matter

Level AI makes it easy for quality assurance coaches to find relevant conversations and share examples and best practices via the Conversation Library. Coaches can filter conversations based on agent performance in any area specified in the scorecard as well as any other filter, such as conversation topics, channel, and much more.

Create Actionable Goals To Help Agents Succeed

Quality assurance leaders can help agents achieve peak performance by adding small, actionable goals during each coaching session based on QA evaluations. When agents achieve these milestones, coaches can record them under victories, encouraging agents along their learning and development paths.

Share Agent Feedback In A Click

Managers can help agents achieve peak performance by adding small, actionable goals during each coaching session based on QA evaluations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is agent coaching in a call center?

Call center coaching is a structured process of providing feedback, guidance, and training to call center agents to improve their performance, customer service skills, and overall effectiveness in handling customer interactions.

Why is agent coaching important in a call center?

Agent coaching is essential in call centers because it helps improve customer satisfaction, agent morale, and business outcomes. Effective coaching leads to more skilled and engaged agents, which, in turn, results in better service and higher customer retention.

What are the critical objectives of agent coaching?

The primary objectives of agent coaching are to enhance agent skills, boost customer satisfaction, increase first-call resolution rates, and reduce call handling times. It also addresses specific agent development needs to improve satisfaction, reduce churn, and align agent performance with organizational goals.

How do I create an effective coaching program for call center agents?

To create an effective coaching program, start by identifying performance metrics, setting clear goals, providing regular feedback, using call center coaching tools, and offering agents ongoing training and development opportunities. Here are the top 10 essentials for creating an effective call center coaching program

What metrics should be used to evaluate the success of agent coaching?

Metrics for evaluating agent coaching success can include customer satisfaction scores, average handling time, first-call resolution rates, agent adherence to scripts and processes, and key performance indicators (KPIs) improvements.

What are the best practices for providing constructive feedback during coaching sessions?

Effective feedback during coaching sessions should be specific, actionable, and delivered in a supportive manner. Use real examples from calls to illustrate points and encourage agents to self-assess and set improvement goals.

What are the common challenges in agent coaching, and how can they be overcome?

Common challenges in agent coaching include resistance from agents, time constraints, and maintaining agent morale. Contact center leaders, managers, and coaches can address this by creating a positive coaching culture, providing incentives, and using technology to streamline the process.

How can technology and call center software be leveraged for agent coaching?

Technology can support coaching by providing call recording, speech analytics, and performance management software. These tools help monitor and analyze agent interactions and performance, making coaching more data-driven and effective.

How can we ensure that coaching doesn't demotivate or stress out our call center agents?

Maintaining a positive and constructive coaching atmosphere is essential to prevent demotivation and stress. Recognize and reward agent improvements, provide emotional support, and balance constructive feedback with positive reinforcement.

What is the ROI (Return on Investment) of agent coaching in a call center?

Agent coaching ROI can be measured by comparing the costs of coaching to the improvements in customer satisfaction, reduced employee turnover, and increased revenue. A positive ROI indicates that coaching is a worthwhile investment in a call center’s success.


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