Why choose Level AI over Playvox?

Playvox, designed for SMBs, caters to agent staffing and scheduling but falls short for telephony-focused contact centers. It lacks features related to QA & AI automation and faces user-reported bugs.

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How Level AI Compares To Playvox

Omnichannel (incl. voice)
Text-based channels only
Auto QA
Near-human accuracy auto- scoring of your organization’s entire scorecards
Limited to a one size fits all sentiment score
Generative AI and Natural Language Understanding
State-of-the-art AI technology
Yesteryear text analytics solution
Conversation Analytics
Empowering Holistic Analysis with Custom Dashboards
Limited view of the contact center analytics
Agent Coaching and Performance
AI-drive coaching dashboard with agent-specific personalization
Incomplete coaching module
Insights for Your Product, Business Teams
Interpret intent and context of conversations to decode customer's voice
Surface level insights only
Agent Support/Assist
The most reliable co-pilot to agents
Lack of support to agents
Security & Compliance
Among the most secure software solutions
Basic certification that limits your reach

What Are Customers Saying About Level AI?

Level AI's semantic-based system is unique. We are getting a minimum of 82% accuracy from Level AI semantic tags. Overall 2x better than anything we have tested.
Chris Lewis
Contact Center Product Manager
We want to be able to do analytics for product, ops and contact center teams while supporting customer service. Level AI's intent based system + omnichannel is unique.
David Demarco
VP Delivery and Business Systems
Level AI helps us solve quality assurance, product management, and customer service pain points. As we scale, cannot imagine the business without Level AI.
Yuliya Ordova
Senior Director, CS Strategy

The results with Level AI

QA Auditors
QA evaluations mean more time for agent coaching
in Agent Churn
Business Leaders
into VoC insights
in CSAT score
Contact Center Leaders
in contact center efficiency

Frequently asked questions

Playvox basics

Playvox serves as a lightweight solution mainly utilized for staff management, scheduling, and capacity planning. While it offers certain restricted quality assurance capabilities, these are confined to text-based channels and come with limited automation features.

What is Playvox used for?

Playvox QM allows you to capture customer interactions from text-based channels like email and chat support to analyze the conversations for quality analyses. However, due to its limited ability to capture text-based interaction, the tool leaves a significant portion of customer interaction unrecorded. Additionally, Playvox relies on first-generation keyword-based technology, demanding ongoing maintenance and inherently exhibiting inaccuracies.

How does Playvox pricing work?

Playvox pricing depends upon the product suite that customers are offering to choose. For eg – playvox workforce management has different pricing compared to playvox QA. Playvox WFM requires a minimum seat of 35 agents with a cost of $35 per agent and $25 per agent for gamification. In addition to that, there is one-time onboarding fees of $5000.

Is Playvox suitable for both small and large contact centers?

Playvox is a lightweight solution serving small to medium size contact centers

Can Playvox integrate with our existing systems?

It depends on your CRM tool. Playvox is designed to integrate with popular CRM and contact center platforms.

Who are Playvox competitors?

The Competitive arena of Playvox has a diverse set of Contenders.

Newer entrants such as

Other vendors from a 2013 vintage:

  • Tethr
  • MaestroQA, a call center quality assurance company that is still figuring out its AI strategy

In the league of older vendors:

With the rise and power of generative AI and Large Language Models, when choosing a conversation intelligence, contact center performance management, agent assist or quality assurance monitoring platform your #1 criteria to look for is the quality of underlying AI since this is the engine that will provide the automation and effectiveness of the solution. Want to learn more contact center AI, and what makes for good AI? Download this great resource: How to evaluate AI for your contact center.


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