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Harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyze sales conversations, and decode winning sales strategies. Coach sales reps on successful tactics to boost performance and drive revenue growth.

Analyze Your Sales Team Performance To Drive More Conversion

Convert more deals than ever

Evaluate 100% of customer interactions, surfacing critical insights and key behaviors to understand the triggers that led to successful sales conversions.

Bring visibility into agent performance

Gain insights into agent performance beyond traditional metrics by evaluating the efficiency of their pitches and sales approaches.

Decode the voice of customers

Move towards customer-centric selling by comprehending the customer needs and their key pain points to create upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Optimize rep training and onboarding

Coach your sales team on proven strategies that have worked for top-performing agents to decrease the gap between top and bottom performers.

Based on the results of sales calls analysis, we proceeded to supplement overall sales training on effectively conveying the product value, especially the smart central control system. Along with additional targeted coaching sessions for the team based on the conversation pattern identified in the leading teams, the team members ramped up their efforts and successfully exceeded sales targets

Head of Sales - Home Security Company

Amplify Your Sales Revenue With State-Of-The-Art AI

Supercharge Your Call Analysis Efforts

Analyze each customer call beyond black-and-white metrics using Level AI semantic intelligence that allows you to understand the context of the conversation, tag key moments and provide a QA score based on the effectiveness of sales reps’ pitches and approaches.

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Drive Analytics-Driven Success

Incorporate evidence-based transparency into agent performance with our analytics capabilities. You can easily pull up reports to access agent performance and gain insight into the top performers. This will enable you to understand the behaviors and strategies driving agent success.

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Onboard Reps’ In A Flash

Level AI enables you to delve beyond win/loss numbers by surfacing best practices followed by top-performing sales reps’ and the insights observed from analyzing each conversation with prospects. These insights help you create a plan that gets your new hires up to speed in no time and starts generating revenue.

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Augment your agent and QA team performance with a customer intelligence system for the modern contact center.

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