Omniscient AI is Coming to Your Contact Center: Announcing QA-GPT by Level AI

Unlock hidden revenue in every deal to maximize sales potential

Harness the power of artificial intelligence to analyze sales conversations, and decode winning sales strategies. Coach sales reps on successful tactics to boost performance and drive revenue growth.

Analyze your sales team performance to drive more conversion

Convert more deals than ever

Evaluate 100% of customer interactions, surfacing critical insights and key behaviors to understand the triggers that led to successful sales conversions.

Bring visibility into agent performance

Gain insights into agent performance beyond traditional metrics by evaluating the efficiency of their pitches and sales approaches.

Decode the voice of customers

Move towards customer-centric selling by comprehending the customer needs and their key pain points to create upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Optimize rep training and onboarding

Coach your sales team on proven strategies that have worked for top-performing agents to decrease the gap between top and bottom performers.

Based on the results of sales calls analysis, we proceeded to supplement overall sales training on effectively conveying the product value, especially the smart central control system. Along with additional targeted coaching sessions for the team based on the conversation pattern identified in the leading teams, the team members ramped up their efforts and successfully exceeded sales targets

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Level AI’s Agent Assist: your copilot to revenue growth

Navigating sales conversations to a successful close requires agility, pattern recognition, know-how, and deep expertise in the company product & services. 

Level AI makes this experience better with real-time Agent Assist. Our semantic intelligence engine understands customer intent across voice calls, chat, or email and draws from past conversations and internal sales repositories to deliver the right information at the right time to sales agents.

Amplify your sales revenue with state-of-the-art AI

Supercharge Your Call Analysis Efforts

Analyze each customer call beyond black-and-white metrics using Level AI semantic intelligence that allows you to understand the context of the conversation, tag key moments and provide a QA score based on the effectiveness of sales reps’ pitches and approaches.

Drive analytics-driven success

Incorporate evidence-based transparency into agent performance with our analytics capabilities. You can easily pull up reports to access agent performance and gain insight into the top performers. This will enable you to understand the behaviors and strategies driving agent success.

Onboard reps’ in a flash

Level AI enables you to delve beyond win/loss numbers by surfacing best practices followed by top-performing sales reps’ and the insights observed from analyzing each conversation with prospects. These insights help you create a plan that gets your new hires up to speed in no time and starts generating revenue.


Helpful Resources

Agent screen recording gives contact center managers and team leaders the ability to view what their agent sees on-screen during a customer conversation. With the use of screen capture technology and software, managers can view real-time interactions between agents and customers or callers.

In contact centers where customer communication occurs through various channels such as email, online chat, and phone calls. Screen capture enables managers and agents to monitor and evaluate usage and agent performance in these channels. By adding screen recording to the QA, managers can get the complete picture of customer interactions. The valuable insights obtained from these desktop monitoring can help in identifying areas where agents may encounter challenges, highlighting the need for process improvements. These improvements may include addressing issues such as redundant system logins, excessive keystrokes, unclear application user interface, and other more.

The legality of agent screen recording can vary depending on the specific jurisdiction and applicable laws. In many cases, businesses may implement desktop monitoring as a legitimate and necessary tool for quality assurance, training, and compliance purposes. However, it is crucial to comply with relevant laws and regulations regarding privacy, data protection, and consent.

The desktop monitoring starts when an agent begins working on the support ticket and ends when the ticket is resolved or closed. This ensures that any other actions performed by agents are not captured, preserving their privacy.

Understand the agent’s actions and performance in key moments like escalation, happiness and frustration to decode the winning behavior. Use this knowledge to curate agent coaching plans on the optimized processes and proven strategies that have worked for top-performing agents to decrease the gap between top and bottom performers.

Supervisors can also Improve call center compliance rate to 100% by making sure that the agents are adhering to the process.

Level AI offers seamless integration with various tools like Salesforce, AWS Connect, and Talkdesk. Users have the flexibility to choose specific events, such as incoming customer queries, as triggers for initiating screen recordings. Once triggered, these recordings, along with the corresponding audio, can be accessed by managers through the conversation history section on the Level AI platform.

Agents will not have prior knowledge or awareness of when the screen recording starts.

By regularly reviewing agent screen recordings, organizations can identify patterns, trends, and areas for improvement in their customer service processes. Insights gained from these recordings can inform process enhancements, system optimizations, and the implementation of new strategies to better meet customer needs and expectations.

Moreover, supervisors and QA managers can review the recordings to assess the quality of customer service provided. They can identify areas where agents excel and areas where improvement is needed, enabling targeted coaching and training interventions to enhance customer experience.

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