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Revolutionize Your Sales Process with AI: Best Practices, Key Metrics and Compliance Monitoring

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  • Introduction

    In today’s competitive sales environment, mastering the art of phone sales is essential for reaching prospects and closing deals. A well-defined sales process can help guide sales representatives through each stage of engaging with a prospect and ultimately closing deals. In this article, we will outline a 5-7 step sales process tailored for phone-based sales and discuss key measures to track representative compliance, ensuring consistency and effectiveness in your sales efforts. Until technologies like Level AI came about outbound sales teams were flying blind on the process adherence against these best practices. Now with Level AI’s semantic intelligence capabilities we can create conversation tags to measure team adherence on each of these key areas. 

    Greet and Build Rapport

    The first step in the sales process is to initiate the call with a warm and professional greeting. Introduce yourself and thank the prospect for their time. Quickly establish rapport by finding common ground or expressing genuine interest in the prospect’s background or business. This is a big step in building trust with the prospect and lays the foundation for value discovery. 

    Measure: Using Level AI customers can tag representative behavior to verify greetings done by the representative and review 100% of the conversations for it. 

    Discovery and Needs Assessment

    Once the initial rapport has been established, move on to the discovery phase. Ask open-ended questions to uncover the prospect’s needs, pain points, and goals. Actively listen and take notes to better understand their situation and identify potential opportunities for your product or service.

    Measure: Analysts and users can review the listen to talk ratio of sales representatives. This is a useful industry wide standard metric for sales representative effectiveness. Industry benchmarks suggest higher than 40% listen to talk ratio is recommended for a high quality discovery driven sales process. 

    Position to Value

    After gaining a clear understanding of the prospect’s needs, present your product or service as a solution tailored to their situation. Highlight its unique features, benefits, and value proposition. Address any objections or concerns and demonstrate how your offering aligns with their goals or resolves their challenges.

    Measure: Product proficiency and objection handling are often hard to measure using AI tools but now customers can measure customer satisfaction with representative answers by assessing conversation tags which show customer satisfaction with answer quality. Imagine keeping a tab of, “this is really helpful, this information helps solve my question”. Using Level AI’s semantic intelligence technology we can make sure such customer intent around satisfaction is tracked automatically. 

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