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Top 7 Call Center Conferences And Trade Shows to Anticipate In 2024

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  • If your business has customers, then customer satisfaction is your actual business! With a predicted value of $476 billion by 2027, the call center industry is growing rapidly by the day. 

    And with the call center industry’s growth, global events like the pandemic, and emerging technology trends, customer needs have evolved dynamically, making it difficult for call center agents to keep up. 

    Participating in call center conferences and trade shows in 2024 is a great way to adapt to ever-changing customer demands and evolving technology trends while remaining an industry-leading expert.

    These call center conferences present an easy way for you and your customer service team to network with hundreds of global executives and visionary industry disruptors from all disciplines. There will also be exposure to new and exciting trends in contact center technologies on advanced identity authentication, artificial intelligence, real-time agent assistance, speech analytics, and natural language processing.

    The focus of each conference will vary depending on the host, theme, and venue; some will be more customer-centric, while others may emphasize more on technology. But one thing is certain; it will be beneficial for developing staff intelligence and fostering team cohesiveness among employees of various positions and experience levels.  

    7 Must-Attend Call Center Conferences and Trade shows in 2024

    We have an excellent lineup of call center conferences and tradeshows in 2024 to equip your customer support teams. Here are the top 7 must-attend call center conferences and trade shows in 2024:

    1. Future Of Customer Contact Conference 2024

    Contact centers are evolving. For example, some contact centers reported in 2020 that they changed more in the last ten weeks than they had done in 20 years. Likewise, the agent’s job is also evolving as AI and automation permeate the contact center with empathy-based bots and non-human agents that talk in such a sophisticated tone that clients are unaware they are dealing with robots. Despite these advancements, human engagement is still a need rather than a luxury, and talented agents with a keen interest in the brand’s goods or services are developing – the future of call centers will be a blend of AI and human interaction.

    Through panel discussions, case studies, and in-depth interviews with industry professionals, the eighth future of the Contact Center conference in 2024 will provide tools and approaches to provide adequate contact center plans for the future.

    Conference Details:

    Future of the Customer Contact Conference

    Date: Thursday, 8 February 2024.

    Venue: The Brewery, London.

    2. Call & Contact Center Expo 2024

    The Call & Contact Center Expo, in collaboration with FlyOver Las Vegas and Indigo Events, present you with exceptional discounts on some of Las Vegas’s most famous shows and attractions. 

    Knowledge Participants Will Get From The Call & Contact Center Expo: This masterclass series will discuss how best-in-class firms utilize data and insights to find opportunities, drive changes, and show ROI for typical results, such as a 25% decrease in average handling time and a 16% increase in agent utilization, among other things.

    Also included are technology trends, Providing cutting-edge services and solutions to improve client engagement and communication. Bringing the future of call & contact centers and business interactions to the forefront and displaying the newest Ai platforms, Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) technologies, real-time analysis, and other technologies.

    Conference Details:

    Call & Contact Center Expo

    Date: Wednesday 24 – Thursday, 27 April 2024.

    Venue: Las Vegas Convention Center, USA. 

    3. Identity Week 2024

    Identity week is a digital identity cross-conference encounter with over 150 sessions spread across eight sections, making it the most comprehensive and multi-disciplined gathering worldwide.

    You won’t want to miss out, and here’s why: Identity week features a conference and a trade show, bringing together the best minds in the digital identification technology industry. 

    It’s a must-visit for those enthusiastic about new technologies and innovations in safe physical credentials, digital identity, and sophisticated authentication technologies such as biometrics and related fields. 

    Conference Details:

    Identity Week

    Date: Tuesday, 11 – Wednesday, 12 June 2024.

    Venue: RAI Exhibition Center, Amsterdam 

    4. CX North America 2024

    CX North America 2024 allows you to join Forrester Analysts, sponsors, industry leaders, and peers in the call & contact center industry in Nashville. Network on the most recent strategic possibilities to guarantee that CX drives organizational success and development. 

    Attend The call center conference in 2024 to benefit from the latest research and frameworks, helpful hands-on sessions, insights into industry best practices with case studies, and inspiration from keynote speakers.

    Conference Details:

    CX North America

    Date: Monday, 17 – Thursday, 20 June 2024.

    Venue: Nashville, USA.

    5. Customer Contact Week Asia 2024

    Contact center transformation has raced from call center operators and various contact points to streamlined digital-first, self-service channels. Quality, efficiency, and consistent customer service are the industry standard. Without question, having a plethora of technological options accessible is the key to future-proofing your consumer contact centers.

    Things to note about the conference: The Contact Customer Week Asia conference focuses on the following topics: integrating, simplifying, and transforming your digital-first contact center to position and elevate the engagement between your business and your customers.

    Conference Details:

    Contact Customer Week Asia

    Date: Tuesday, 16 – Friday, 19 July 2024.

    Venue: Sands Expo & Convention Center, Singapore.

    6. Customer Week 2024

    Customer Contact Week (CCW) began in 1999 as Call Center Week and is the world’s most extensive event series for customer interaction. With a wealth of experience and a mix of conferences and exhibitions, CCW brings together customer care, CX, and contact center professionals.

    CCW trade shows boast the best avenue to look for solutions, meet vendor partners, and locate services to satisfy your changing operating requirements. And they deliver on that boast every year. In addition, the call center conference and trade show features demo drives, prize giveaways, happy hours, and more.

    Customer Contact Week

    Date: Monday, 3 – Thursday, 6 June 2024.

    Venue: Caesars Forum, Las Vegas.

    7. Next-Generation Customer Experience (NGCX) 2024

    Consumers of today expect excellent customer experience. The Next-Generation Customer Experience (NGCX) team asserts that excellent customer service is one of the most noteworthy differentiators between competitors in any industry and a characteristic of the most successful brands. 

    Things That Make NGCX A Must Visit: Whether you work for a large bank, mid-sized credit union, SAAS, start-up, or an insurance company; NGCX acknowledges that we are all fighting the same uphill battle and have the same end goals: keeping your clients satisfied, winning new business in the face of rising competition, and promoting the value of a robust customer experience strategy. 

    That is why the conference aims to set the enterprise standard for customer experience with world-class speaking faculty from across the financial sector spectrum, devoted to uncovering the whys and hows of the world’s most creative CX initiatives.

    Conference Details:

    Next-Generation Customer Experience

    Date: Monday, 15 July – Tuesday, 16 July 2024.

    Venue: The Westin Copley Place, Boston, MA

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