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Call Center Quality Assurance Job Description

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July 6 2022
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Blog /Artificial Intelligence / Call Center Quality Assurance Job Description

Are you looking to hire for a call center quality assurance job role? Or are you going in for an interview and want to research the job description of a call center QA specialist?

Look no further! Here’s a complete, easy-to-follow call center quality assurance job description template that will get you the best performance every time.

Job Brief: Call Center Quality Assurance Job Description

As an ideal candidate for the call center quality assurance job, you are the driving force behind exceptional customer experience across all customer segments. Your responsibility is to ensure compliance with company quality standards on all contact channels while monitoring key performance metrics to improve call quality.

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What are the Different Call Center Quality Assurance Specializations?

Quality assurance is a broad term for the process of determining if a product or service meets the requirements that a company has set. The work of a quality assurance officer is vital in call centers because they ensure that customer experience is high quality.

There are many different specializations for quality assurance within call centers; here is a categorization based on core functions:

1. Customer Service/Satisfaction Quality Assurance Specialist

Customer service QA specialists check to ensure that support agents meet customer needs and address all feedback effectively.

2. Technical Quality Assurance Specialist

Technical call center QA specialists monitor the calls from a technical standpoint, collecting, analyzing, and visualizing call center data for insights.

3. Business Process/Operations Quality Assurance Specialist

Business Process QA specialists are responsible for formulating and verifying call center process controls and monitoring customer satisfaction with those process controls.

Note: The specializations overlap at specific points; Sometimes, one individual may function in all capacities according to the organization’s needs and the candidate’s experience. But larger organizations typically prefer to have a team of QA specialists performing different roles.


The call center quality assurance is responsible for the following:

Technical/Analyst Responsibilities

  • Analyze call center data to generate valuable insights to predict customer trends.
  • Track key quality assurance metrics for improvement strategies.
  • Monitor KPIs, track quality metrics and provide regular analytics reports to upper management.
  • Make recommendations on process and policy improvements from reports.
  • Recommend call center QA software and training for customer support teams to meet and exceed customer service expectations.
  • Develop and improve knowledge of products and knowledge of call center performance and functional requirements.

Customer Service/Satisfaction Responsibilities

  • Review agents’ conversations across all contact touchpoints to measure teams’ performance and track customer support quality.
  • Contribute to call calibration sessions to evaluate agent performance.
  • Identify lapses in agents’ performance and provide constructive feedback for improvement.
  • Engage in customer listening to identify customer pain points and expectations.
  • Drive the implementation of improved customer engagement strategies to increase agents’ efficiency.
  • Serve as an intermediary for escalations from agents and customers.
  • Ensures communication is effectively delivered and appropriately addresses all customer concerns.

Operational/Business Process Responsibilities

  • Develop process controls, standard operating procedures (SOPs), and supporting documentation for training, onboarding, and customer support.
  • Identify process improvement opportunities to update SOPs.
  • Implement and ensure compliance with the company’s policies on customer service quality.
  • Report support teams’ performance to supervisors and maintain monthly performance logs.
  • Participate in team meetings to discuss customer service trends, agent review feedback, and implementation of quality management strategies.
  • Provide recommendations to HR on the employment of call center agents.
  • Support recruiting and onboarding processes as appropriate.
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Technical Requirements

Note: The number of years of experience for each point below varies according to the organization’s requirements, job specialization, and recruiting level. But these points will give you a reasonable standard to benchmark against.

  • Have hands-on experience working in call center quality assurance or related roles.
  • Have an educational background or recognized certifications in communications, quality management, or related fields.
  • Be Familiar with call center QA software like Level AI.
  • Be tech-savvy and competent in Microsoft Office Suite or Google Workspace.
  • Knowledge and experience tracking key customer service QA metrics.
  • Have report writing, data visualization, and presentation skills.

Non-Technical Requirements

  • Proven history of analytical and problem-solving skills from previous roles.
  • Ability to initiate and complete projects without supervision.
  • Ability to communicate with discretion, professionalism, and confidentiality when needed.
  • Ability to positively contribute to organizational culture.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Ability to multitask and thrive in a fast-paced (dynamic) environment.

Questions Interviewers Ask in a Call Center Quality Assurance Job Interview

  • What does quality mean to you?
  • Give me examples of call center quality metrics & KPIs for measuring performance.
  • What would you consider the most critical skill of a quality assurance specialist and why?
  • How do you plan to use data/insights to improve our call center operations and offerings?
  • What would you say is the best call center QA software?
  • How can you apply technology/AI to augment the agent workflow?
  • Describe a time when you were involved in a Quality Assurance project that failed. How did you handle it?

Why Should You Hire a Quality Assurance (QA) Specialist in Your Call Center?

Now that’s a real interview question right there! And answering it for your organization could be the difference between leading your industry and being bankrupt. Ask Forbes.

A call center QA specialist is a must-have for any business that handles customer service. When you hire a quality assurance specialist, you gain an extra set of eyes and ears in your call center operations.

With competent quality assurance specialists, the company can deliver a better customer experience, reduce the risk of customer complaints, customer turnover, and employee turnover, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability.

The benefits of hiring a call center quality assurance specialist are vast. Some other advantages include the following:

  • You won’t only meet up with your goals, but you’ll be able to create an unbeatable customer experience driving growth, revenue, and brand loyalty.
  • You will ensure agents provide quality service in line with the call center objectives & KPIs.
  • You will help your employees develop a strong culture of quality work.
  • You will generate customer insights to boost teams’ performance.
  • You will help to identify inefficiencies in your service on time before they escalate, saving time and resources.
  • Develop a clear objective and put the right strategies in place to help achieve organizational goals.

Augment Your Support and QA Teams’ Performance with Level AI

Customers have a low threshold for poor customer service, hence the need for excellent CX. We understand this at Level AI, and that is why we have made it our life’s mission to redefine the CX industry by putting the latest AI advances in your hands. And the best brands agree with us as well.

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Level AI uses Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing to monitor and analyze call center conversations in real time regardless of channel – voice, email, or chat.

What does this mean for your team?

1. Automated Quality Assurance:

  • Instant scoring of agent performance based on the client’s custom rubrics.
  • Automatically tag, categorize, flag and search for critical moments resulting in 5 times faster manual QA review and audits.

2. Agent Coaching:

  • Easily search for coachable conversations and moments.
  • Create rich, personalized coaching plans for each agent.

3. Real-time Agent Assist:

  • Surface the right knowledge article at the right time.
  • Provide real-time hints.
  • Automatically summarize and wrap up calls.

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