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Top Call Center Quality Assurance Software in 2022

Quality Assurance
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  • Introduction

    An article titled ‘The Future of CX: 2022’ by Freshworks Inc. reports that ‘speed’ is the most important factor driving customer satisfaction. Naturally, when a customer is put on hold for a long time, their favorable perception of the brand decreases.

    So, how can businesses improve their brand perception and avoid losing valuable customers?

    A huge part of the answer lies in their leveraging Call Center Quality Assurance(QA) software. 

    In this article, we’ll answer the following questions:

    • Why should you leverage them in your business?
    • How does this QA software work?
    • What factors should you consider when choosing a Call Center QA?
    • And finally, you will quickly see some of the top Call Center QA software. 

    What is Call Center Quality Assurance software?

    Call center quality assurance software is designed to advertently enhance and automate the customer experience that your customers get whenever they call your call center. They do this by monitoring how Call Center agents comply with the industry’s legal and regulatory standards. 

    Why should you leverage one of these, especially in this post-covid economy where businesses are just recovering from the pandemic? 

    Let’s see why.

    Why should you leverage a top Call Center Quality Assurance software?

    Selecting the right call center quality assurance (QA) or call center quality assurance software is crucial for accelerating your company’s growth. Here’s what leveraging a top call center quality assurance software can do for you:

    1. It provides a bird’s eye view of your agents’ performance, so you can see their strengths and areas where they need to grow. 

    Your customer service managers can then utilize the insights from the call center quality assurance software to evaluate agent performance, give staff members timely feedback, and boost department productivity. 

    2. It ensures that customer service maintains a high level of compliance with industry rules and standards while managing client interactions. Of course, taking the necessary steps to comply with industry standards is a critical quality monitoring component. 

    Your business can then assess the effectiveness of your customer service operations with the aid of Call Center Quality Assurance software.

    3. Can help build and maintain a high standard of call quality.

    As your call center agents use this call center quality assurance software, the necessary techniques gradually become ingrained so that it becomes part of their methodology.  

    Their approach to resolving significant issues becomes more proactive, and several areas, like responding to customer inquiries, placating upset clients, acknowledging client comments, and demonstrating empathy are handled uniformly across the team. 

    4. Quality assurance (QA) is a crucial practice for call centers and customer care teams to increase staff engagement and customer satisfaction. 

    Customers’ overall perception of a brand is improved when customer service is seamless, and they receive prompt, courteous support from service professionals. At each touchpoint along the customer journey, call center quality assurance software enables brands to sustain a constant level of services across time and render seamless service to customers.

    5. Helps to boost Client Retention. This is important because acquiring a new customer is more complicated than keeping an existing one. 

    Call center managers are aware of this and ensure customers receive high-quality service to keep them from migrating to competitors. By giving clients top priority, quality assurance ensures customer retention.

    So next, let’s get an overview of how a call center QA works.

    Quality Assurance

    How does a call center QA software work?

    When people hear “quality assurance,” they imagine an authoritative figure using a hidden webcam to meticulously analyze every action taken by another individual.

    Is this widely held perception of call center quality assurance software, with its implication of rigidity, accurate?

    The answer is ‘No!’

    You can get a more accurate picture of how a top-rated call center quality assurance software works by looking at how the Level.ai platform works.

    Here is a snippet of the information you will find there:

    • A top-rated call center quality assurance software uses Generative AI to uncover customer intent and to provide support agents with the information they need to communicate accurate information to customers in real time. 
    • Ability to instantly evaluate agent performance based on customer criteria. This can help call centers to identify areas for improvement and provide targeted training to agents. Additionally, the software offers comprehensive dashboards and reports that provide a full picture of agent performance, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions to improve customer satisfaction.
    • QA software uses automatic tags, categories, flags, and searches to identify critical events will make manual work five times faster. 
    • Call center quality assurance software performs inspections and audits, providing your contact center with new opportunities for top-quality customer service.

    Naturally, you’d like to know how to identify the best QA software for your call center. Let’s consider that next.

    Identifying the best QA software for your call center- factors to consider.

    Are you considering what to look for in call center quality assurance software? The process of choosing QA software for your team can be complex. You should consider four crucial factors when choosing:

    1. Can the call center quality assurance software be easily integrated with other sales or customer service tools like CRM or help desk software, or do you have to utilize the software independently?

    The answer to these questions is significant as it is a pointer to how user-friendly the software may be.  

    After all, the more user-friendly it is, the easier it will be for your call center agents to use remotely and even in the traditional brick-and-mortar work environment.

    2. Is the price reasonable?  Will it continue to function as our team scales?

    By asking the right questions, you can ensure that you choose the best software for your team and simplify the selection process.

    3. You’d want to monitor and assess the performance of your customer service workers, so find software that will enable you to do that and quickly give them feedback.

    4. Consider carefully your particular needs and how the software can address these needs. 

    For example, are you aiming to train and sharpen your customer service agents on the job, or you want a way to evaluate your agent’s interaction with the customers? 

    5. How straightforward is it to configure the software based on your business requirements?

    Contact center rubrics differ across various scenarios, and configuring your QA software for each can be a time-consuming process, spanning hours. It’s crucial to prioritize software that is not only easy to set up but also simple to maintain in the long term.

    The Level.ai software is a perfect fit for these needs. It leverages Generative AI that auto-scores nearly 100% of your organization’s custom scorecard on every channel (call, chat, or email) at nearly 100% accuracy for 100% of your conversations. It can automatically grade or score agent interactions with customers based on preset criteria.

    Your company can benefit greatly from using the correct quality assurance software, which can also aid in the development of your customer service procedures.

    Find the best call center quality assurance software for your business by researching and taking the time. It will be greatly beneficial.

    Top call center quality assurance software in 2022

    1. Level AI

    Level AI provides the next-level quality assurance (QA) tool – QA-GPT, that evaluates every conversation against your custom QA scorecards with almost no integration effort. You can evaluate every conversation, no matter the channel, with near-human accuracy. This is a far cry from the industry average of 1% of agent conversations being evaluated: 100X productivity increase!

    Agents have the ability to drill down into the scores of any scorecard to learn what to improve simply by accessing their individual performance dashboards in their accounts. Similarly, QA managers can see trends, track process adherence, identify gaps, and drill all the way down to a particular conversation they’d like to review.

    QA-GPT also integrates with Level AI’s best-in-class coaching platform, allowing quality assurance teams to focus on the conversations that need attention and spend more time developing and coaching agents.

    Productivity improvements do not stop there. Level AI auto-generates call summaries and syncs these automatically with your CRM of choice! No more spending 7 minutes after each call wrapping up a call. 

    The superpower of Level.ai is in its proprietary Generative AI LLM model built by Level AI that can understand the nuances of human speech and continuously improve with your data.

    Level AI is light years ahead of other software. Without any manual intervention, Level AI is able to categorize all conversations into topics of why customers are calling in in the first place. 

    2. CallMiner

    CallMiner is another quality assurance platform. While it boasts of using AI to provide broader consumer insights and more individualized solutions for better business results, in reality, it is only a text analytics solution. Founded in 2013, CallMiner predates ML advancements in language processes such as NLP/NLU. Customers using CallMiner struggle to scale, as they need to build a team to maintain a database of keywords, phrases, and exceptions, which quickly becomes unmanageable. 

    Another big turn-off is that you cannot customize their auto-scoring conversation capabilities to a company’s specific scorecard. Also, CallMiner does not have a coaching module, unlike some other vendors, and many users also report slow loading times.

    Giving credit where it is due, is one of the first vendors in the call center conversation analytics and quality assurance space and has started the QA world digital transformation. You can learn more about CallMiner here.
    Want to learn more?  See how CallMiner compares to Level.ai in this post.

    3. Calabrio

    This platform is another good one. Calabrio gives agents fast feedback via rich dashboards and enables them to quickly discuss best practices fostering healthy competition, and establish benchmarks, objectives, and agent competitions.

    If you are looking to automate reporting and monitoring to save time and let analytics direct your training and development efforts, then Calabrio would be an ok platform.

    Started in 2007, Calabrio software does not boast the most modern tech architecture. Their AI engine also predates advances in NLP, let alone NLU, but customers choose Calabrio for other features such as its workforce management module. 

    Not the best of breeds in QA software but a “Strong Performer” overall as a Workforce Optimization Platform, as rated by Forrester in its  Workforce Optimization Software Q4 2021 Wave Report.

    4. Five 9

    Five9 is a cloud-based call center software that provides a decent amount of the features and capabilities needed to log calls, route calls, and analyze agent performance.

    One of the selling points of Five9 was how user-friendly and scalable it is, allowing it to expand with your company and connect with your current CRM software to become a part of your customer service operation.

    Five 9 is one of the leaders in the CCaaS category – Forrester Wave Q3 2022: Contact Center as a Service (CCaas) Providers – and as such also includes Quality management features

    They also purchased Virtual Observer in 2020 to broaden Five 9 capabilities into QA and WFO. In spite of these forays into QA, 

    Customers choose Five 9 for the comprehensiveness of its capabilities but still layer in a best-of-breed QA automation platform. Level AI powerful AI engine remains the tool of choice. 

    5. MaestroQA

    Many companies and contact centers still manage their QA processes out of spreadsheets. MaestroQA is a nice upgrade to your spreadsheet processes with a nicer and purpose-built UI but everything is still very manual. MaestroQA is one of those QA platforms that does not have any AI or text analytics underpinnings, or any automation built in.

    QA auditors still have to sample and review calls manually. And call recordings still would have to be held somewhere else, most likely your CCaaS. Any productivity increase will come from your teams not wrangling excel and google Sheets but Quality Assurance coverage will still remain at the same level as before adopting MaestroQA.
    For a more detailed comparison of MaestroQA and a tool like Level AI check here.

    In conclusion, 

    Want to learn more about contact center quality management?  This article has all the information you need.

    Knowing the right software to use is crucial to hitting your KPIs (Key performance indicators), and choosing a Contact Center Quality Assurance software shouldn’t be an enigma. 

    Request a demo with Level AI today to see how easy it can be. 

    Get a free demo today!

    Your customers will thank you for it!