Productive Agents. From Day One.

Agent Assist understands customer intent using machine learning and guides agents to the right solution from your knowledge repositories. Your agents will now be faster, more efficient, and accurate from day one. 


Key Features

Technology You Can Swear By

Our tech understands what customers are actually saying during a conversation, and scours through all your knowledge sources to surface proactive hints and help agents provide the right answers within a short span of time. And, did we forget to mention that all this happens in real-time?

Improve call center agent performance

AI That Learns From Agent Feedback

Your agents can train our machine learning models by providing feedback. When a hint provided by agent assist doesn’t help with the customers’ issue, agents can flag it. Our models learn in real-time and provide better results. 

Integrates With Your Favorite Tools and Document Formats

Integrate your existing knowledge bases and documents with ease. And, don’t sweat about the format. Level AI seamlessly works with services like Salesforce, Google Drive, Zendesk and supports most widely used file formats such as PDF, Word, external URLs and more.


"Level AI has been a pleasure to work with. The user-interface and tool are easy to use with practical features built in. Their conversation intelligence platform is unlike anything we have seen in space. We truly see Level AI as a partner."

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