Why choose Level AI over Callminer?

CallMiner customers report a clunky user interface, slow loading times, and, most frustratingly, transcript and speech analytics inaccuracies. Additionally, customers find the software to be complex and time-consuming to set up and maintain.

Let’s see why Level AI might be a better option.

Callminer customer reviews

Callminer Customers' Reviews

Level AI Customers' Outcomes

QA Managers
90% time saved in QA Monitoring
45% increase in ASAT (Agent Satisfaction)

30% increase in CSAT score.

Business Leaders
100x better insights into the business

How Level AI Compares to CallMiner

Level AI
Callminer pricing and reviews

Advanced Generative AI and Conversation Intelligence

Level AI
Sophisticated AI with human like reasoning
Level AI’s underlying technology leverages advanced semantic intelligence and Generative AI, surfacing insights on critical conversations. It can take entire conversations into context rather than relying on matching key words and phrases, allowing it to reason and understand like a human. The AI provides reasoning for auto scores with contextual quotes resulting in an Auto-QA that’s 10x more accurate and trustworthy.
Callminer pricing and reviews
Outdated and limited AI that hinders positive CX delivery
The key criteria for selecting an Auto-QA and conversation analytics platform is the quality of the underlying AI technology. CallMiner, founded in 2002, relies on an outdated tech stack and legacy keyword-based system that predates modern AI. This outdated tech stack cannot support Natural Language Understanding or Generative AI. As a result, customers face burdensome keyword maintenance and experience inaccurate results in auto-qa scores, business insights, and call topic categorization.


Level AI
Near-human accuracy auto-scoring of your organization’s entire scorecards
Level AI comes with a revolutionary GenAI powered-Auto-QA solution, QA-GPT, that evaluates your conversations on nearly every metric and standard on your scorecard with near-human accuracy. With QA-GPT, setting up Auto-QA is as simple as typing in your existing scorecard questions.QA-GPT understands and evaluates the scorecard questions just like a QA manager would.
Callminer pricing and reviews
Scores that don’t reflect your exact QA criteria
Callminer’s Auto-QA solution scores agents on empathy rather than the exact criteria and questions in your scorecards. With little in the way of customization or automation, the user is left maintaining an ever-growing list of keywords and phrases. All to just evaluate conversations on limited metrics that may not be in line with your business needs.

Agent Coaching and performance

Level AI
Best-in-class coaching module that ensures customer interaction is a positive one
Level AI’s Agent Coaching module allows contact center quality coaches to analyze agent performance, identify gaps, set up action plans, select customer conversations for review and coaching, schedule coaching sessions, track progress, and more — all from one place. Agents can view their QA and autoscores for greater transparency. They can also dispute a coaching session or score with their QA manager.
Callminer pricing and reviews
Simple coaching module that doesn’t improve efficiency
CallMiner’s Auto-QA solution does not support custom scorecards, preventing QA managers from truly evaluating conversations for coaching agents on anything beyond the basic objective parameters like silence and sentiment. Manual conversation selection also leaves many poor customer interactions uncoached.

Insights for Your Product, Business Teams

Level AI
Generative AI insights from every conversation
Level AI offers a comprehensive understanding of “voice of the customer” using generative AI. Insights are available at a granular level for every conversation and a high level with topics and subtopics trending over time.
Callminer pricing and reviews
Unactionable insights without context
Callminer AI offers wordclouds of prelabeled topics. This is an old text-analytics solution that predates modern AI and is not a true “voice of the customer” solution. They don’t offer AI that can pick up new topics that are raised by customers or show their trend over time, or provide actionable insights.

Agent Assist/Real-time guidance

Level AI
Always available real-time guidance based on past conversations and articles
Provides knowledge assist and real-time guidance on the next best actions to drive down AHT and solve customer problems faster. AgentGPT answers agents’ questions in real-time with AI leveraging its own proprietary LLMs trained on your contact center’s past conversations and knowledgebases.
Callminer pricing and reviews
Rigid prompts that don’t adjust to the conversational context
Callminer’s new in-call guidance is limited to prompts that are configured when certain keywords (and not based on the actual meaning of a sentence) are detected. It doesn’t leverage your knowledgebases or past conversations to deliver useful guidance to the agents beyond predefined prompts.

Agent Screen Recording

Level AI
Ensure process adherence in every conversation
Easy to use multi-screen recording that intelligently records every conversation and post-call wrap up automatically with customizable PSI and PII redaction. Moreover, Level AI’s semantic engine leverages NLU to highlight critical moments of conversations on screen capture for QA managers.
Callminer pricing and reviews
Screen recording that falls short on customer privacy
CallMiner offers a screen recording solution that can help QA managers but doesn’t offer redaction of customer information resulting in privacy issues that may not be in adherence to your industry standards and laws like HIPAA and GDPR.

What are customers saying about Level AI?

Level AI's semantic-based system is unique. We are getting a minimum of 82% accuracy from Level AI semantic tags. Overall 2x better than anything we have tested.

Chris Lewis

Contact Center Product Manager

We want to be able to do analytics for product, ops and contact center teams while supporting customer service. Level AI's intent based system + omnichannel is unique.

David Demarco

VP Delivery and Business Systems

Carta FinTech - Level AI Contact Center Software

Level AI helps us solve quality assurance, product management, and customer service pain points. As we scale, cannot imagine the business without Level AI.

Yuliya Ordova

Senior Director, CS Strategy



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CallMiner is a legacy speech and customer interaction analytics company founded in 2002, more than 20 years ago. They were the pioneer, at the time, for mining conversation data to discover customer insights and improve customer experience. Their tech stack is way too old to be able to adapt to the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. CallMiner still sells an outdated text analytics solutions masquerading as AI.

CallMiner offers customized pricing based on the specific needs and requirements of your organization. Pricing typically is higher than newer entrants like Level AI and comes with and is billed per user per month.

CallMiner claims to be capable of handling multiple languages and accents, but the accuracy may vary greatly depending on the language and accent complexity. It’s important to discuss language-specific capabilities with CallMiner’s support team to ensure alignment with your needs.

The timeline for seeing improvements can vary depending on factors such as the complexity of call center operations and the extent of changes required. Businesses should set realistic expectations and work closely with CallMiner to achieve desired outcomes.

CallMiner is customizable to a limited extent to align with industry-specific needs. However, businesses with highly specialized requirements may need to discuss customization options with CallMiner to ensure compatibility with their unique demands.

Learning to use CallMiner effectively can take some time, especially for users new to speech analytics. However, CallMiner provides training and support resources to help users on their onboarding training with CallMiner.

CallMiner has a slew of competitors.

Newer entrants such as

Other vendors from a 2013 vintage:

  • Tethr
  • MaestroQA, a call center quality assurance company that is still figuring out its AI strategy

Older but still more recent than CallMiner:

With the rise and power  of generative AI and Large Language Models, when choosing a conversation intelligence, contact center performance management, agent assist or quality assurance monitoring platform your #1 criteria to look for is the quality of underlying AI since this is the engine that will provide the automation and effectiveness of the solution. Want to learn more contact center AI, and what makes for good AI? Download this great resource: “How to evaluate AI for your contact center.