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Supercharge Your Agent Assist Function With FAQs

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  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) are the core element of Level AI’s standalone knowledge management solution. 

    Every FAQ consists of 2 core components:

    • Example questions: providing a few different phrasings of the same core questions allow the system to understand the customer’s intent, regardless of the specific wording of the question.
    • Answer: the answer text editor allow admins to create short, formatted articles which are made available to agents in real time when the customer is looking for that exact information.

    To add an FAQ:

    1. Navigate to Settings click on FAQs under Knowledge Center.
    2. Click Screen_Shot_2020-09-29_at_12.57.57_PM.png
    3. Provide a name for your FAQ
    4. Provide example questions to train the model. You can add more questions by clicking on the + Example question option present below the question fields.
    5. After adding the questions, write and format the answer
    6. After drafting the answer, click on Save & Verify.

    Every FAQ will have either the status of Screen_Shot_2020-09-29_at_1.02.14_PM.png or Screen_Shot_2020-09-29_at_1.02.24_PM.png.

    In order to control the quality of information being presented in FAQs, Level AI limits FAQ creation and editing only to the manager and admin roles. As an extra layer of quality control, the verification of FAQs is limited only to the admin role. Every new FAQ (and any edits to existing FAQs) will remain in Screen_Shot_2020-09-29_at_1.02.24_PM.png until an admin reviews and verifies it.

    Only FAQs in Screen_Shot_2020-09-29_at_1.02.14_PM.png status can be trained. And only trained FAQs will be available to agents.

    To train the verified updates into the model, simply click Screen_Shot_2020-09-29_at_1.06.15_PM.pngat the top of the FAQ table.

    Once the model is trained, FAQs will be shown in the agent assist widget when the customer intent matches the phrase or keyword added under the example questions.