Level AI: Your Insurance Coverage for Superior CX

Transform the insurance experience and increase brand trust with the power of artificial intelligence for insurers’ sales and customer service teams.

Insurance contact center

Deliver peace of mind in every insurance call

Enhance customer interaction

Deliver exceptional experiences and build trust, whether in a sales or claim processing call.

Increase operational efficiency

Streamline claim processing and increase conversion rate on policy quotes.

Reduce compliance risk

Increase regulatory compliance adherence by monitoring 100% of your insurance agents' and broker's conversations for regulatory compliance violations.

Craft the most delightful contact center experience for your policyholders

Transform insurance into personal care with QA-GPT

Insurance claims represent your brand's commitment, and variability in agent performance or delays in claims processing can hamper this promise.

QA-GPT stands by you in upholding this commitment by analyzing each conversation with near-human accuracy. Our GPT model, trained on your policies, delivers transparent scores with supporting evidence for your custom scorecard. Say farewell to processing delays, and welcome happy customers!

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Insurance quality assurance

Decode Voice of the Policyholders

Level AI VoC insights empower QA managers with key customer concerns such as policy issues, premium details, claim status, and payment discrepancies. Train agents to handle these key concerns to improve FCR and successful case closure.

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insurance voice of the customer

Minimize Risk, Maximize Compliance

Level AI's advanced tools, like screen recording, transcription, and redaction, can help you enhance Insurance regulatory compliance by tracking disclosures and safeguarding sensitive information in conversations.

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insurance compliance

Take your Agents to the Next Level

Level AI’s coaching module empowers QA managers to monitor agent performance, pinpoint areas for improvement, create coaching plans, and acknowledge achievements. This ensures agents adopt effective call center practices, maintaining consistency in call handling and optimizing the value of each interaction.

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Insurance agents performance
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to perform quality assurance in the insurance industry?

QA analysis provides insights into multiple contact center metrics that can provide a range of benefits, including improved agent performance, consistent customer experiences, compliance adherence, faster claim resolution, and enhanced customer satisfaction.

Can Level AI identify areas for improvement in agent performance?

Yes, Level AI has a dedicated coaching module that can pinpoint strengths and areas for development in agent interactions. It provides insights into agent-customer interactions, adherence to scripts, resolution efficiency, and more.

Can I track customer interactions and claims through the Insurance QA software?

Level AI is an insurance call center software that provides tools to track and manage customer interactions, claims, policy details, and customer histories, ensuring a comprehensive view of each customer's journey.

How does insurance compliance software such as Level AI assist in compliance with regulations?

Level AI ensures Insurance compliance by analyzing interactions for adherence to legal and industry regulations and flags if there are any non-compliance behaviours. This helps in identifying any deviations or potential insurance regulatory compliance issues.

Can Level AI track customer sentiment and feedback?

Level AI introduces Generative AI in Insurance call center to gauge customer sentiment by analyzing the intent of customers using its state-of-the-art NLU technology. This helps in understanding customer experiences and improving service quality.

Can Level AI integrate with other systems used in insurance call centers?

Yes, Level AI is designed to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) systems, call recording software, and other CCaaS tools used in insurance contact centers.

How does the software assist in agent performance improvement?

Level AI's coaching module provides real-time monitoring, call recording, quality assessments, and performance analytics, enabling targeted coaching and training for agents. Moreover, flag conversations for in-depth analysis to discover uncovered insights.

How can conversational AI for insurance help improve overall customer experiences?

Conversational AI in Insurance provides insights into agent performance, compliance, and customer interactions to help deliver consistent, efficient, and high-quality customer experiences.


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