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Tethr is a conversation intelligence platform with outdated AI capabilities for mid-sized businesses. The depth and detail of customer and agent performance insights are restricted due to Tethr’s underlying technology to only detect predefined keywords and phrases.

Don’t settle for old technology when you have access to the most advanced contact center platform, powered by industry-leading semantic intelligence and generative AI.

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QA Auditors
10X data coverage and accuracy
No manual work and 10X the results
Auto-score 100% of your organization’s unique scorecard with near-human accuracy
Contact Center Leaders
15-30% AHT reduction with automation
Business Leaders
Out of the box, never been surfaced invaluable and trustworthy insights due to unstructured contact center data

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How Level AI Compares to tethr

With purpose-built, proprietary AI models to help contact centers exceed customer expectations and drive profitable business growth, Level AI is the superior alternative to Tethr.
Level AI
tethr speech analytics

Artificial Intelligence

Level AI
Advanced contact center platform with semantic intelligence and generative AI
Level AI’s proprietary AI technology with semantic intelligence and generative AI powers everything we do. It takes the entire conversation into context and understands the underlying customer intent to provide evidence-based automated scoring of all interactions, uncover business and customer insights, provide comprehensive analytics, auto-generate the most accurate answers for your agents in real-time, and much more.
tethr speech analytics
Limited to identifying keywords and phrases
While they claim to analyze the entire conversation for context, Tethr’s technology is limited to detecting customer sentiments and agent performance through keywords and phrases that the system has been trained to pick up. The underlying infrastructure of their platform is based on natural language processing (NLP) algorithms, which can detect the literal meaning of what is said, but it won’t pick up on customer intent that is often hidden behind the nuances of how people communicate. This majorly impacts the feasibility and accuracy of everything else in the platform, from analytics and customer insights to agent metrics and more.

Contact Center and Business Analytics

Level AI
AI-driven analytics to uncover accurate and actionable customer, business, and product insights
Level AI conversational analytics uses purpose-built AI technology that automatically manages and collects all your conversation data. It also continuously learns and improves to give you the most accurate and up-to-date insights for customer satisfaction, business growth, and product adoption. With many out-of-the-box dashboards, the analytics require minimal setup. You can focus on leveraging the insights for business improvements while the system works for you in the background.
tethr speech analytics
Surface-level insights with generalized index scoring as the basis for analysis
Tethr’s Tethr Effort Index (TEI) and Agent Impact Score (AIS) are the key aspects of their analytics capabilities. These index scores are based on pre-defined variables and phrases gathered across their data. While there may be some similarities to detect, and even predict, general customer and agent behaviors for analysis, applying a general model to your conversation data restricts the ability to pick up and analyze unique identifiers or metrics that are specific to your business.

Voice of the Customer

Level AI
GenAI-powered Voice of the Customer (VoC) reports
Level AI uses the latest advances in semantic intelligence and generative AI to produce out-of-the-box Voice of the Customer insights. Requiring zero setup, the system automatically summarizes top issues within your product, services, and more. We handle the tedious data analysis so you can focus on leveraging the VoC insights for team performance and business success.
tethr speech analytics
Generalized VoC insights that lack depth of understanding
By depending on a pre-defined set of variables, keywords, and phrases, and the inability to fully understand the intent behind customers’ words, you’re limited in the depth of VoC insight that you can gather. Not all customers communicate the same way with the same words, so pre-defined analysis can only go so far.

AI-Driven Quality Assurance

Level AI
GenAI-driven that adapts to and auto-scores to your specific requirements
A GenAI-driven solution leveraging proprietary GPT models to automatically and comprehensively score all your organization’s unique grading rubrics to near-human accuracy. You have full flexibility and control in setting up multiple custom rubrics specific to your teams, as well as calibration sessions to remove bias and ensure that all QA auditors are on the same page when manual reviews are needed. Each automated evaluation is evidence-based, backed up by conversation data.
tethr speech analytics
Rigid, generalized black-box scoring

Tethr’s QA scores are based on how your metrics fit within their system rather than scoring to your specific performance metrics. Their TEI and AIS are not based on your specific business needs and even their scoring ‘customizability’ is dependent on how your metrics map to what is already in their system. As every team and company has unique agent performance and quality assurance requirements, a generalized approach is not accurate or applicable.


Level AI
AI-driven to identify critical coaching opportunities and provide evidence-based learning
Set up individualized coaching sessions with Level AI’s intelligent coaching module. It analyzes all conversations and provides evidence for an agent’s performance scores so you can clearly identify both opportunities for learning and celebrating, backed by data. As learning goes both ways, agents can also respond to their coaching plans directly on the platform to facilitate a transparent feedback loop.
tethr speech analytics
Cannot set up personalized coaching sessions and plans within the platform
Tethr does not provide the ability to conduct and track agent coaching sessions directly within the platform. Even if managers are able to identify valuable coaching opportunities with Tethr’s generalized scores (which is a different issue, see above), managers are not able to communicate with the agents directly within the platform to provide feedback and evidence. With Tethr, coaching is a wholly manual and offline process outside of their platform.

Real-time Agent Assist

Level AI
Continuously learns and guides your agents through difficult interactions, in real-time
Empower even the newest agents to be confident and knowledgeable experts when assisting customers across all channels with timely hints, reminders, and next-best actions, instantaneously. Combined with AgentGPT, which is trained on your organization’s knowledge base and conversation data to auto-generate accurate answers to customer questions specific to your business, we help to set up your agents for success.
tethr speech analytics
Does not evolve with customer and agent needs
Tethr’s agent assist solution includes all the industry standard functionalities, such as surfacing answers from knowledge articles and agent prompts. However, all the response triggers are based on pre-built models, meaning that Tethr’s platform is missing the critical element of continuous learning and adapting to the evolving customer questions and agent needs. Customer questions are not static, and neither should your agent assist solution be.

Screen Recording

Level AI
Advanced screen recording with video redaction and more
More than a mere “hit and record”, Level AI’s screen recording comes with features such as video redaction, video-transcription sync, the ability to pull up data specific to screen recording for analysis and reporting, and more.
tethr speech analytics
Not available with Tethr

What are customers saying about Level AI?

Level AI's semantic-based system is unique. We are getting a minimum of 82% accuracy from Level AI semantic tags. Overall 2x better than anything we have tested.

Chris Lewis

Contact Center Product Manager

We want to be able to do analytics for product, ops and contact center teams while supporting customer service. Level AI's intent based system + omnichannel is unique.

David Demarco

VP Delivery and Business Systems

Carta FinTech - Level AI Contact Center Software

Level AI helps us solve quality assurance, product management, and customer service pain points. As we scale, cannot imagine the business without Level AI.

Yuliya Ordova

Senior Director, CS Strategy



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Playvox serves as a lightweight solution mainly utilized for staff management, scheduling, and capacity planning. While it offers certain restricted quality assurance capabilities, these are confined to text-based channels and come with limited automation features.

Playvox QM allows you to capture customer interactions from text-based channels like email and chat support to analyze the conversations for quality analyses. However, due to its limited ability to capture text-based interaction, the tool leaves a significant portion of customer interaction unrecorded. Additionally, Playvox relies on first-generation keyword-based technology, demanding ongoing maintenance and inherently exhibiting inaccuracies.
Playvox pricing depends upon the product suite that customers are offering to choose. For eg – playvox workforce management has different pricing compared to playvox QA. Playvox WFM requires a minimum seat of 35 agents with a cost of $35 per agent and $25 per agent for gamification. In addition to that, there is one-time onboarding fees of $5000.
Playvox is a lightweight solution serving small to medium size contact centers
It depends on your CRM tool. Playvox is designed to integrate with popular CRM and contact center platforms.

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