Leverage the power of Level AI’s Generative AI technology to analyze 100% of calls for risk mitigation, compliance adherence, and enhanced agent training on ever-growing regulations. Stay ahead of any potential breach by redacting sensitive information and identifying risky behaviors.

Deliver Exceptional Customer Value Without The Weight Of Legal Concerns

Stay up to date with increasing and ever changing regulations

Empower agents with AI-driven answer recommendations and access to relevant knowledge base articles, enabling swift and compliant responses to customer queries. This eliminates the agent’s burden of memorizing ever-expanding regulations.

Monitor each call in real-time for compliance violations

Analyze all voice and text-based interactions to identify non-compliant actions, such as harassing statements, raised voices, and other risky behavior that depicts compliance violations. Additionally, automatically tag critical statements, compliant phrases, and objection handling to catch hold of non-compliant behavior.

Avoid Hefty non-compliance fines

Implement proactive measures to prevent significant financial penalties by utilizing evidence-based insights on compliance breaches. AI-generated analysis suggests personalized coaching plans for agents, mitigating future compliance issues.

Level AI has been a game-changer for our compliance monitoring. Their advanced AI solutions have significantly streamlined our processes, ensuring that every customer interaction is in full compliance with industry regulations. Their dedication to accuracy and efficiency has brought immense peace of mind, and we wholeheartedly thank their team for being a reliable partner in compliance monitoring.

Senior Director - CS Strategy

Ensure Contact Center Compliance And Regulatory Adherence

Holistic Compliance Monitoring

Leverage the power of generative AI technology to assess every call’s compliance with regulatory guidelines such as TCPA, California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Brazilian Data Protection Law (LGPD), and other standards from FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection. Based on the analysis, highlight any compliance breaches with explicit evidence, reasoning, and quotes from the conversation, empowering QA managers to promptly address and rectify any compliance breaches, preventing potential penalties and ensuring adherence to regulations.

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State-Of-The-Art Redaction

PCI DSS compliance acts as a barrier prohibiting contact centers from gathering payment-related sensitive data like CVV, PIN, and magnetic stripe information. Count on Level AI’s redaction feature to automatically eliminate sensitive PSI/PII details during the conversation while keeping the conversation’s overall context intact. By leveraging Level AI, you can confidently ensure compliance and adherence to regulations.

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Agent Screen Recording

Enhance compliance monitoring by comprehensively reviewing agents’ on-screen behavior through synchronized audio and video recordings. Ensure adherence to internal procedures and compliance practices so you don’t have to rethink compliance again. Additionally, leverage these recordings to expedite dispute resolution, and reduce risk.

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Compliance Training

The Level AI coaching module allows you to identify instances where agents deviated from processes or breached regulations. Create coaching and educational plans based on these instances to promote agent growth. Moreover, Facilitate agent coaching on ever-expanding regulatory policies like FDCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, and other codes of conduct before any lawsuit knocks on your door!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is contact center compliance monitoring?

Contact center compliance monitoring refers to the process of systematically observing and assessing interactions between agents and customers to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements, company policies, and industry standards.

Why is call center regulatory compliance monitoring important?

Compliance monitoring is crucial to maintain the integrity of operations, protect customer data, and mitigate legal risks. It helps identify potential issues, ensure agents follow protocols, and uphold customer trust.

What regulations does call center compliance monitoring typically cover?

Contact center compliance monitoring usually encompasses various regulations like TCPA, GDPR, HIPAA, FDCPA, CCPA, PCI compliance and specific industry standards that govern customer data protection and fair practices.

What benefits does contact center compliance monitoring offer?

Compliance monitoring helps businesses avoid penalties, build customer trust, and maintain a positive brand reputation. It also identifies training opportunities for agents and ensures consistent compliance with regulations.

How can Level AI help with contact center compliance monitoring?

Level AI offers advanced AI-driven solutions for compliance monitoring, including speech analytics, text analysis, and automated tagging, making it easier to identify non-compliant interactions and improve overall compliance efforts.


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