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In the world of health and wellness, where customer support plays a pivotal role in ensuring positive experiences, innovation and efficiency are critical. One company, in particular, took a leap forward to meet its cost reduction and quality improvement targets. Here’s a closer look at how Level AI’s innovative contact center automation solutions transformed their operations and customer service efficiency.

The Challenge: A CEO’s Mandate for Cost Reduction

The director of operations at a large health and wellness company was tasked with a significant challenge: reducing operational costs while maintaining, or even improving, the quality of customer support. It was a tall order, and the pressure was on to deliver.

“I have a cost reduction target within my org handed down to me by the CEO,” the director shared. “So I’ve gotta hit that cost reduction.”

November Rush and Tight Deadlines

As if cost reduction weren’t challenging enough, the company faced its busiest season in November. With multiple client deadlines and new requirements in play, efficiency was paramount.

“November is our largest call month of the year,” the director explained. “We have several client deadlines that occur around that period and are also new this year. So we need to make sure that we get the consolidated notes done so that calls happen faster.”

The Role of Level AI: Shaving Minutes, Adding Value

The health and wellness company saw potential in Level AI’s innovative contact center automation software and its integration with Five9, their existing telephony system. They aimed to leverage Level AI’s capabilities to improve their operations and achieve their goals.

“We think Level AI can shave off 2 to 3 minutes of the call. That’s substantial for us, 20 to 25% of the call time” the director noted.

This level of time-saving not only translated into improved efficiency but also meant quicker responses and resolutions for customers‚ÄĒa win-win situation.

Quality Improvement: A Target Within Reach

While cost reduction was the top priority, the company also had its sights set on improving the quality of customer support.

“All of the reporting that’s available to the managers to coach their colleagues on their two-week case, all of that together, we should see an improvement in quality,” the director emphasized. “Within 12 months, we are targeting quality improvement. We are already at the target for Quality. Cost reduction is the first priority.”

The Transformation Unleashed by Level AI

Level AI’s software offered a suite of automation features, including auto-summarization of calls, auto disposition, and agent assist during calls. These tools were integrated into the company’s contact center, transforming the way they operated.

  • Efficiency Gains: The company started experiencing remarkable efficiency gains, with calls being processed faster, thanks to automated call summarization and disposition.
  • Cost Reduction: The time saved per call directly contributed to cost reduction, allowing the director to meet the organizational mandate.
  • Quality Improvement: With improved reporting and coaching tools, the company was well on its way to achieving its quality improvement targets.

Conclusion: A Blueprint for Success with Level AI

The brand’s journey with Level AI serves as a compelling case study of the transformative power of innovative contact center automation. By leveraging technology to optimize their customer support operations, they managed to hit their cost reduction targets and had quality improvement well within reach.

Level AI’s solutions not only saved time and resources but also improved the overall customer experience, which is invaluable in the health and wellness industry. This case study is a testament to how innovation in the contact center can drive efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance quality simultaneously.

As the company continues to improve and innovate, its journey with Level AI stands as a blueprint for others seeking to unlock the full potential of their contact center operations.

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