Level AI + Five9 Partnership

Elevating the Contact Center Experience: Level AI and Five9 Partnership

Level AI and Five9 Voicestream work together to bring the leading conversational intelligence to your contact center. Leverage our next-generation language understanding technology which is 2X better than the competition to deliver accurate real-time assistance for agents, a personalized coaching platform, and 100% coverage QA tools.

Level AI Five 9 partnership

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Augmented QA For All Conversations

Provide teams using Five9’s Cloud Contact Center software with tools to make them 5X more efficient and 20X more accurate at evaluating support conversations. Level AI’s revolutionary QA-GPT enables QA teams to instantly analyze 100% of support conversations, evaluate agent performance, and provide valuable insights to help agents improve their customer service quality.

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Advanced Analytics

Deliver actionable insights into existing Five9 contact center data with personal, integrated dashboards for agents, QA, and team leaders. Generate custom queries and reports highlighting key metrics from agent performance and team efficiency, to valuable business insights for product teams, compliance teams, and more.

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Real-Time Agent Assist

Scale your contact center without sacrificing agent performance and reduce agent churn by 30%. Level AI’s real-time Agent Assist module deeply integrates with the Five9 CX suite and offers new and trained agents the right course of action while they’re conversing with customers. Semantic intelligence understands customer intent unlike the keyword based models of competitors and presents the right solution after scouring through all available knowledge repositories. Make agents faster, more efficient, and more accurate from day one.

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Data Security

At Level AI, we take your data very seriously. All voice and chat communications with your customers are TLS encrypted. Level AI also Satisfies The Requirements For GDPR, HIPAA, SOC 2, And PCI Compliance


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