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An Online Retailer’s Journey to Improved Customer Experience: Choosing Level AI for Contact Center Intelligence

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce and custom apparel, the company, an online retailer, is a trailblazer, empowering individuals and groups to create personalized products. Their commitment to providing exceptional customer service is unwavering, but they faced several challenges that impeded their ability to maintain and enhance their high-quality customer experience. Limited oversight, manual quality assurance (QA) processes and the absence of actionable customer insights were among the pain points that the customer needed to address to continue thriving in a competitive market. This case study dives into the challenges, objectives, and decision-making process that led the company to choose Level AI as its trusted partner for a comprehensive Contact Center QA platform.

Key Challenges

The company’s customer care and quality assurance teams were confronted with several critical challenges:

Limited Oversight and Daily Coaching

Managing a substantial team of customer-facing Inkers required more effective oversight and coaching to ensure consistent customer interactions.

Manual QA and Coaching

Every aspect of QA and coaching was manual and time-consuming. The company relied on a few randomly selected interactions and manual grading for quality assurance, resulting in misinterpretations and inconsistent evaluations and feedback among team members. For example, even with escalated customer issues, the team could not clearly find the right phone calls to investigate further and figure out what the issue may have been.

Reactive Planning

The absence of proactive insights from customer conversations hindered the company’s ability to make data-driven, forward-thinking business decisions.

Unreliable Data Capture

Manual, error-prone, and incomplete dispositioning: only about 40% of phone customer interactions were being dispositioned, and none of the email or chat interactions were being dispositioned at all. There was also very little trust in the accuracy of these dispositions. All in all, this made it difficult to extract any meaningful or reliable analysis of the key drivers behind why people were contacting customer support and the outcomes of these calls.

Rudimentary Customer Insights

The existing processes for extracting insights from customer conversations were rudimentary, making it difficult to identify the root cause of customer frustrations and solve them accordingly.

Objectives and Top Value Drivers for the Company

The company had clear objectives and top value drivers in mind as they sought a contact center intelligence platform:

Enhanced QA and Agent Coaching Processes

The company aimed to improve its QA and coaching processes to improve efficiency and coverage at scale while eliminating evaluation and quality inconsistencies prevalent with the existing workflows. One of which was to provide better contextual coaching and feedback to their agents. They knew this was vital in providing better training for their agents, leading to improved service quality, increased sales conversion, and overall business growth. 

Operational Efficiency with AI

With the advancement of AI, they wanted to leverage generative AI for automated QA management, as well as the automation of manual tasks such as post-call work and dispositions across all customer and sales calls, to reduce administrative burden and improve operational efficiency.

Proactive Customer Insights

The company needed a platform that could facilitate root cause analysis to address customer pain points effectively. Hence, the solution they chose would need to provide them with accurate, real-time data and analytics so they could easily identify and share emerging trends and key contact drivers for proactive problem-solving and data-driven decision-making.

Scalable and Consistent Customer Satisfaction Program

The ability to set clear, trackable, data-driven expectations for the team was critical, especially as the company planned for a scalable future as the business grew. Transparency in how the team progressed and whether they followed company guidelines on an individual and group level was vital to continuously ensure consistent quality and remove any performance biases or misinterpretations. 

These objectives and top value drivers guided the company’s decision-making process as they searched for a contact center intelligence platform that could fulfill their unique needs. Ultimately, Level AI emerged as the preferred choice due to its ability to comprehensively address these objectives and value drivers.

Why Level AI was the Right Solution for the Customer

After evaluating multiple options, the customer selected Level AI as their contact center intelligence platform provider. The decision was influenced by several key factors:

Comprehensive Platform

Initially focused on an analytics solution, the customer evaluated multiple software solutions in the market. However, multiple QA and coaching needs surfaced during the process, which led them to decide on a more well-rounded contact center solution. In the end, Level AI’s purpose-built, comprehensive platform that encompassed generative AI-driven QA, coaching, business intelligence, and voice of the customer (VoC) was preferred over the fragmented solutions offered by competitors. Level AI’s solution was able to address all of the customer care and intelligence needs that the customer was looking for, making it simpler and more efficient to use a single platform for all their requirements. 

Auto Dispositioning and Concern Mining

Level AI’s proprietary NLU and LLM technology provided the capability to automate dispositions and mine concerns within customer interactions was a critical factor, as it helped to streamline their QA processes while providing detailed customer insights.

Voice of the Customer Native Product

Level AI being a Voice of the Customer (VoC) native product made it a perfect fit for the customer’s requirements. The built-in solution automatically analyzes all conversation data to identify customer concerns and trends in real-time, allowing the customer to proactively address any product or service issues.

Platform ROI

The customer’s meticulous financial analysis revealed the Level AI platform’s potential to deliver significant ROI through substantial labor savings, reduced unjustified refunds, elevated average order value, minimized account cancellations, and overall product and service enhancement. These compelling factors led the customer to confidently embrace Level AI as a clear path toward achieving robust business value and financial success.

To Wrap Up

The customer’s commitment to delivering outstanding customer experiences led them to search for a contact center intelligence platform that could address their unique challenges and objectives. Level AI emerged as the ideal partner, offering a comprehensive solution that not only automated their QA processes but also provided valuable customer insights and context. With Level AI, the customer is well-equipped to provide better service, more consistent coaching, and data-driven decision-making, ultimately driving business growth and customer satisfaction.

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