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A Paradigm Shift in Contact Center QA: A Case Study of an E-commerce Powerhouse

In the fiercely competitive landscape of global e-commerce, staying ahead requires relentless innovation. For one industry leader, the need for transformation was urgent. Facing persistent challenges in their quality assurance (QA) processes, this e-commerce giant embarked on a journey to overhaul their contact center QA approach. In this case study, we will dive into their pain points, objectives, and the critical factors that shaped their decision-making when selecting a contact center QA platform.

About the Company

A leading e-commerce entity with a strong online presence that specializes in providing curated deals to a vast customer base. This company serves as a bridge between businesses and consumers, facilitating the discovery and purchase of a wide range of products, services, and experiences. Their innovative platform has redefined how customers connect with businesses, making it a prominent player in the e-commerce industry.

Key Challenges with the Current QA Processes

Disjointed and inefficient data flow between Salesforce and QA operations

Salesforce is used company-wide to manage their customer and conversation data, but it was disconnected from their contact center operations and processes. This lack of unity in their technology stack meant critical information often went unnoticed or underutilized, hindering their ability to make informed decisions and optimize their processes.

The burden of manual reviews

An astonishing 99% of their time was consumed by the tedious and time-consuming process of manually reviewing customer interactions and filling out forms. This laborious task hampered operational efficiency and drained productivity.

Agent discontent

Traditional QA procedures had left their agents disillusioned, viewing these processes as bonus detractors rather than tools to enhance their performance. This discontent adversely affected agent engagement and overall service quality.

Human error and mishandled tickets

Despite their best efforts, a small percentage of customer tickets were consistently mishandled due to human errors. These mistakes led to customer dissatisfaction and elevated operational costs.

Shallow insights

Their existing QA process provided only surface-level insights, primarily validating existing hypotheses rather than delivering actionable recommendations. They desperately needed to shift towards data-driven insights to build effective business strategies to enhance their contact center performance.

What They Want to Achieve with a New Contact Center QA Platform

From the onset, this customer had very clear objectives for what they wanted to achieve, and the only missing piece was the right contact center platform to help them do so. They were looking for something that could help them to:

Unify data flow with Salesforce

Salesforce is a critical aspect of their technology stack, and integrating with it was paramount to ensure unified and efficient data flow throughout their system.

Enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness

A drive towards streamlined operations and increased cost-effectiveness was paramount. The customer envisioned reducing their team’s size while significantly boosting productivity. The focus shifted from merely ‘observing’ to ‘resolving.’

Elevate customer experience

Central to their mission was the improvement of customer service quality and the expedited resolution of customer issues. The goal was to minimize the number of touchpoints required to satisfy customer inquiries.

Empower agents

Agents were at the heart of their customer service excellence. They aimed to empower their agents by enabling them to self-assess their performance through a comprehensive analysis of various metrics, including contact metrics, refunds, and customer satisfaction.

Proactive insights for continuous improvement

Proactive insights and feedback were sought to help agents upskill and consistently deliver high-quality service.

Why Level AI Was the Right Solution for This E-Commerce Powerhouse

Successful proof of concept (POC) to validate operational value

The customer emphasized the importance of conducting a POC to assess the platform’s functionality. This successful POC validated Level AI’s ability to meet this e-commerce giant’s unique requirements, such as effortlessly integrating with their tech stack, minimizing manual tasks, maximizing cost-effectiveness, and more.

Seamless Salesforce integration

During the POC, Level AI proved the ability to seamlessly integrate with Salesforce to enable smooth data flow and unify operations for the customer. With the integration, the e-commerce leader was able to:

  • Easily view and access customer data from Salesforce within Level AI, including interaction data across all their customer channels (chat, email, calls, and SMS) as well as metadata such as interaction information, customer profiles, and survey results
  • Decrease after-call work (ACW) for agents by 75% by writing back key information into the integrated Salesforce account. This encompassed auto-generated case summaries and conversation categories such as customer churn risks, powered by robust semantic intelligence technology.
  • Streamline administrative processes such as mapping team hierarchies and user management between Salesforce and Level AI.
  • Bring knowledge articles from Salesforce into Level AI for agents to easily reference in real-time and post-conversation.
  • Reduce time and effort spent toggling between tools for in-the-moment reference needs by directly embedding contact center functionalities, such as real-time agent assist, in Salesforce.

Voice of the customer (VoC) insights

The persona-based, out-of-the-box VoC dashboard was instrumental in helping this customer gain visibility into customer pain points and track trending issues. Accurately generating and sharing actionable VoC insights enabled them to proactively resolve customer concerns and was a valuable resource for their product development and engineering teams.

Increased operational efficiency for better business performance

By leveraging Level AI’s ability to intelligently auto-evaluate 100% of customer interactions based on their unique rubrics, the customer effectively minimized the manual and time-consuming process of reviewing customer interactions and filling out forms. This allowed their team to focus on strategies and execution to enhance service quality and contact center performance.

Improved agent satisfaction and service quality

As every automated evaluation from Level AI contains proof from conversation data, their QA auditors and managers could finally provide agents with concrete, evidence-based performance reviews and trackable action plans instead of vague and generic feedback. This proved helpful even during the POC period as agent satisfaction increased with having a clear understanding of their strengths and opportunities for improvement, along with a transparent comment and feedback loop with their managers for every evaluation, directly within the Level AI platform. This, in turn, boosted the overall performance and customer service quality.

To Wrap Up

This case study exemplifies how a global e-commerce powerhouse identified its pain points, set clear objectives, and meticulously considered the critical factors in choosing the right contact center QA platform. Their focus on improving efficiency, elevating customer experiences, empowering agents, and leveraging proactive insights underscores their commitment to excellence and their dedication to evolving in a highly competitive market.

The quest for an effective QA solution, combined with a calculated POC approach and seamless Salesforce integration, exemplifies a journey of transformation and growth, which remains vital for their ongoing success in the global e-commerce landscape.

Want to see how Level AI can revolutionize your QA program? Chat with one of our product specialists and get a custom product walkthrough.

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