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Loving AI at the Contact Center This Valentine’s Day 2023 

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  • With the Valentine’s Day holiday occurring this week, the timing seemed right to have a brief heart-to-heart with ChatGPT about why AI is– and isn’t– better than a human valentine. What was perhaps even more interesting than the list of reasons that were generated in the reply, was the “cautionary” addendum paragraph that followed in the response. Let’s have a look at ChatGPT’s reply to the prompt:

     “Here are a few reasons why some people might prefer artificial intelligence over a traditional Valentine:

    1. Consistency: AI systems can provide consistent, reliable, and objective responses, while human emotions and actions can be unpredictable and inconsistent.
    2. Availability: AI systems can be available 24/7, while a human valentine may not be available at all times.
    3. Customization: AI systems can be programmed to perform specific tasks and provide customized responses based on user needs and preferences, while a human valentine may have different preferences and limitations.
    4. Efficiency: AI systems can process and analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately, while humans may take longer to come to a conclusion or make a decision.
    5. Lack of bias: AI systems are free of human biases and emotions, while human valentines may have their own biases and subjective opinions that can impact their interactions and decisions.

    It’s important to note, however, that AI systems do not possess emotions, empathy, or the ability to form meaningful relationships like human beings do. These are all important aspects of a relationship, especially romantic relationships, and are qualities that a human valentine can bring to the table that AI cannot.”

    The list of five reasons generated certainly offers some easy-to-love reasons for contact centers to have a Valentine’s Day crush on AI solutions. For contact center leaders, however, the final paragraph of the above response is perhaps the most important part of this reply. When it comes to customer experiences, we know that emotional intelligence and empathy are key to delivering excellent CX, and to building and maintaining business relationships that last. 

    We at Level AI believe in the power of AI solutions to augment contact center agents to enable top performance and unlock best-in-class customer experiences. In the same way that even ChatGPT admits that AI cannot replace human valentines, we agree that AI solutions are not a replacement for people, but AI tools are certainly powerful and helpful when in the hands of people committed to delivering CX interactions that delight the customer and solve customer pain points The customer who is handled kindly and thoughtfully– with emotional intelligence and empathy– is a customer for life. 

    So, this Valentine’s Day 2023, it’s OK if you have a crush on AI solutions for your contact center, but if you’re looking for a long-lasting type of customer love for your product or service, best to combine AI solutions with emotionally intelligent agents. 

    We at Level AI wish you a very happy Valentine’s Day! Find out more about our AI solutions for the contact center here at https://thelevel.ai