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Expanding the Reach of QA in the Contact Center: Scoring UCaaS Calls with AI

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  • The domain of Quality Assurance (QA) within contact centers has traditionally been a manual and time-intensive endeavor, primarily focused on agents directly interacting with customers. In previous blog posts, we explored how the advent of AI has transformed this landscape, enabling the analysis of 100% of conversations, thus extending QA to IVR/chatbots and leveraging Screen Recording for assessing back office agent performance. These innovations represent significant strides in enhancing customer service and operational efficiency. Today, we dig into another groundbreaking advancement in the realm of QA: the extension of AI-based AutoQA practices to Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solutions, a domain previously shadowed by challenges in monitoring and evaluating performance.

    Bridging the Gap in UCaaS with AI-based Entity Detection

    In the structured environment of Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) tools, assigning and tracking agent interactions is a streamlined process, thanks to metadata that links agents to specific customer interactions. However, the UCaaS ecosystem, prevalent in scenarios like local retail branches of organizations where employees share phones, presents a unique challenge. Without a direct way to attribute phone calls to individual employees, ensuring quality and accountability has been a persistent hurdle.

    Leveraging Level AI’s innovative AI-based entity detection, we have pioneered a solution that transcends this obstacle. When an employee answers a shared phone and introduces themselves (e.g., “Thank you for calling our Company, this is [name]”), our technology captures the name mentioned and appends it to the interaction details. This groundbreaking approach enables us to ingest these calls into Level AI and apply our standard 100% AutoQA methodology for evaluating these interactions, marking a significant advancement in UCaaS quality assurance.

    The Power of 100% Sampling: Transforming QA for UCaaS

    The benefits of monitoring, reviewing, and coaching agents based on a complete sampling of data are profound. By applying AI-driven AutoQA to UCaaS, organizations can achieve:

    • Enhanced Customer Experiences: With the ability to evaluate every interaction, Level AI can ensure that every customer receives the highest quality of service, driving satisfaction and loyalty.
    • Improved Compliance: Comprehensive monitoring allows for the detection and correction of compliance issues before they escalate, safeguarding both the organization and its customers.
    • Increased First Call Resolution: By identifying patterns and areas for improvement, employees can be coached to resolve issues more effectively on the first call, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction.
    • Optimization of Key KPIs: The insights gained from a complete analysis of interactions enable targeted improvements, positively impacting crucial KPIs such as Average Handle Time (AHT) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT).

    Navigating Limitations with Strategic Solutions

    While AI-based entity detection offers a revolutionary approach to UCaaS QA, it’s not without its limitations. Challenges arise when employees do not clearly state their names, or when multiple employees share the same first name, potentially leading to inaccuracies in assigning interactions. However, these hurdles offer an opportunity for refinement, such as allowing managers to manually adjust names as needed.

    Despite these limitations, the value of bringing Level AI’s AutoQA to the UCaaS domain cannot be overstated. For many organizations, local branches have operated in a “QA blind spot,” without any tools to monitor or improve the quality of customer interactions. By illuminating this area, Level AI is not just solving a problem; it’s transforming the quality assurance process for UCaaS, opening doors to unprecedented levels of service quality and operational insight.

    The expansion of AI-based AutoQA practices to include UCaaS solutions is a monumental step forward in the quest for comprehensive quality assurance across all customer interaction channels. As we continue to innovate and refine these technologies, the potential for enhancing customer experiences and achieving operational excellence in the contact center has never been greater. With Level AI, the future of contact center QA is bright, promising a landscape where every interaction is an opportunity for excellence.