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Notifications – An Overview

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  • Level AI sends email and in-app notifications to support agents to keep them informed about QA evaluations, tagged conversations, and when a conversation is shared by others in the team. 

    In-app notifications

    The in-app notifications can be accessed by clicking on the notification icon (‘bell’ icon) present on the top right corner of the page. 

    In-app notifications are shown to agents when

    • Their conversations are reviewed by QA. They’ll know the number of conversations reviewed by the Q
    • A conversation is shared with the agent by others in the team (Managers).
    • Their conversations are tagged with an InstaReview label (Negative conversations or Rich conversations) 

    You can expand on each notification by clicking on them. 

    Email Notifications

    Email notifications bring important conversations to agents’ attention even when they’re not logged into Level AI.

    Email notifications are shown to agents for the same scenarios as in-app notifications. When you click on a particular notification, you’ll be redirected to your Level AI dashboard.