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Revolutionizing QA and Customer Sentiment Analysis with Level AI: The Case Study of a Global Trading Company

Introduction :

In the fast-paced world of trading, every second counts. For a large international trading company, the stakes are high, as they handle vast sums of customer funds and rely on top-tier customer service to maintain their reputation.

This company operates in eight countries, with its LATAM office being the largest. They employ 60 QA auditors per QA head and rely on Salesforce to manage their contact center. The primary focus is on chat, emails, and calls, particularly on chat interactions. Each QA team member evaluates 10 chats and four calls for customer service agents.

This Level AI case study explores how this trading giant partnered with Level AI to transform their quality assurance (QA) processes and customer sentiment analysis, ultimately achieving game-changing results.

Challenges Faced: Manual Drudgery with Limited Visibility into Real Numbers

The trading company’s QA department grappled with highly manual processes. In their existing QA system, they had to download transcripts, evaluate interactions, and manually score them on spreadsheets, causing inefficiencies and delaying feedback. Additionally, the limitations on the number of audits they could conduct each day hindered their ability to glean meaningful insights from customer interactions.

As a financial broker, data security was paramount. This company was concerned about the exchange of critical information between their agents and customers, who are counting on the trading company to take care of their money. Moreover, the involvement of a third-party vendor could have an impact on their data security.

Objectives and Goals: A Need for Automation to Conquer Holitic Analyses

  • Automated QA Auditing: This customer’s primary goal was to automate QA audits and ensure a comprehensive review of all conversations, especially those associated with customer surveys.
  • Agent Performance and Efficiency: The customer aimed to ensure that their agents excelled in customer service and guideline adherence. They wanted to reduce manual work and introduce automated solutions with real-time dashboards for more efficient calibrations.
  • Shift Towards Customer Sentiment Analysis: The QA team was shifting their focus towards decoding Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and understanding customer sentiment to proactively address trending customer concerns.
  • Proactive Issue Identification: They also sought to identify potential business issues through the voice of the customers and agent interactions to resolve problems before they escalated.

The transition of generating insights from conversations to operations teams was a critical step. Automation was seen as a game-changer, given the arduous manual processes currently in place.

Level AI Solution:

Level AI provided a comprehensive solution to address these challenges and objectives. Their omnichannel approach allowed for the management of various communication channels. Automated scoring eliminated manual scorecard creation, while metadata integration from Salesforce facilitated the filtering of conversations based on specific criteria.

Level AI also enabled this financial trading customer to perform real-time automated auditing based on predefined triggers, such as lengthy chats or low CSAT scores, ensuring that the most impactful conversations were reviewed promptly. Additionally, the QA auditors can now access behavioral insights for an improved understanding of customer interactions.

With the VoC capabilities, the company was able to get a comprehensive understanding of customer sentiment by combining semantic intelligence and generative AI based customer insights, which integrates CSAT/NPS, CRM, and AI-driven conversation intelligence into a unified view.

The assurance of GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI compliance, coupled with the capability to securely redact sensitive information, offered the brokerage firm the security and compliance peace of mind they required.

In conclusion, this case study showcases the transformative impact of Level AI’s software solutions on the QA processes and performance of a prominent trading company. By automating audits, enhancing data insights, and providing real-time feedback, Level AI’s platform has emerged as a game-changer in enhancing customer service and streamlining operations. In an era where customer experience is paramount, advanced AI solutions like Level AI are indispensable for businesses looking to stay competitive and responsive to evolving customer needs.

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