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Leveling Up with AI: A Look Ahead for Contact Center Leaders  

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  • Gartner predicts that placing trust in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions will figure prominently into technology trends this year, and it is already becoming clear that the adoption of AI in contact centers is increasing. This is expected to continue in an upward trajectory. 

    According to a recent report from Grand View Research, the global contact center AI market is projected to reach $17.7 billion by 2027. These stats are a testament to the potential of AI-driven contact center leadership and the importance of understanding how to make the most of AI in the contact center. 

    Contact center leaders will need to stay current in order to remain competitive, and also consider how the AI trends of today and tomorrow will affect their businesses, teams, and customers. Here is a look ahead at four trends we can expect in AI, and their importance to contact center leaders:

    1. More Sophisticated AI Tech

    AI will reach a higher level of sophistication and perform increasingly complicated tasks. Due to AI’s enhanced capabilities, call centers will be able to discover more specific and detailed insights that enable them to better serve their customers. Contact centers will also be able to use the new insights gained from AI to anticipate consumer demand better and organize their resources to meet customer needs.

    2. Easier AI = More Adoption

    AI will continue to become easier to use. Contact center leaders and their teams will benefit from fast-to-implement solutions that bring great value for not only their businesses but also their customers. While AI technology had often previously been considered complex to integrate, modern AI solutions will offer ease of use, and this fast-tracked ability to launch and use AI tools will make it more manageable for call centers of all sizes to begin to thrive with AI technology.

    3. CX-Focused AI Will Learn From Enterprise Data and Customer Conversations

    Increased use of artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service call centers is anticipated to continue to grow, and companies will use it to deliver more exceptional customer experiences. We at Level AI believe that the best AI solutions will make use of enterprise data and customer conversations. Look for modern generative AI solutions, such as AgentGPT, to incorporate enterprise knowledge into training sets and also include the ability to self-learn from agent feedback as well.

    4. AI with Greater Cohesion

    Finally, artificial intelligence will become more interoperable with other tools and systems already used within the call centers. Customer relationship management (CRM) systems, business intelligence tools, and more will interact more by utilizing AI tools and technology and their insights. As a result, call centers will be able to better use their information to drive business growth and streamline their processes, while at the same time delighting clients with positive customer experiences.

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