Beyond Surveys: How Level AI Is Reshaping Voice of the Customer Programs with Generative AI

Last updated:
November 7 2023
Blog / Beyond Surveys: How Level AI Is Reshaping Voice of the Customer Programs with Generative AI

Level AI, a pioneer in advanced AI technologies for customer-facing teams and Gartner Cool Vendor, today announced the release of VoC Insights, a groundbreaking generative AI solution set to disrupt the customer experience management landscape — a market sized at $17B — by redefining the way enterprises capture Voice of the Customer (VoC) data.

Traditional VoC programs rely heavily on focus groups, social media scraping, and customer feedback surveys distributed at various touchpoints in the customer journey. However, this approach is resource-intensive, introduces unnecessary friction to the customer experience, is incomplete with low customer coverage, and produces biased and delayed insights.

Level AI is changing the game with VoC Insights, a turnkey generative AI-powered solution that enables organizations to monitor and visualize real-time trends of customer issues. This powerful tool extracts the essence of every customer-facing interaction across channels — phone, email, SMS, and chat — and intelligently groups these conversations into self-generated topics and subtopics while seamlessly adding new customer concerns as they emerge. Additionally, VoC Insights evaluates the customer sentiment of each interaction, eliminating the need for or augmenting the data collected via satisfaction surveys.

“We’re thrilled to empower our customers to truly understand their own customers’ needs without the traditional laborious and intrusive customer feedback surveys,” says Ashish Nagar, founder and CEO of Level AI. “Our generative AI-powered VoC solution is a game-changer in customer experience management by making the process of identifying customer pain points and areas of improvement effortless.”

VoC Insights empowers organizations to gain immediate visibility into customer needs and concerns, a capability lacking in conventional VoC approaches.

With VoC Insights, enterprises can redirect their resources away from survey administration and toward actionable insights provided by generative AI. It’s the simplest path to adopting a data-driven approach to mastering the customer experience.

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