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No More Silos: AI, Digital Transformation, and CX Intertwined

Digital Transformation
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  • The relationship between artificial intelligence (AI) and digital transformation (DX) continues to grow at a fast pace. Although increasingly intertwined, it’s important to first understand what digital transformation is at its core before we begin to consider how AI is advancing it today. After that connection is established, we can continue on to discover its role in generating improved customer experiences (CX).

    What is digital transformation? In an article entitled “The State of AI-Driven Digital Transformation”, INSEAD defines it as: “the process of leveraging digital technology to create new or modify existing customer experiences as well as business culture and processes, to meet changing customer and market needs.”

    With an understanding from that succinct explanation of DX, we can move on to discussing how artificial intelligence with all of its powerful capabilities is increasingly being used in combination with DX. It’s not just additive, as AI is often leading the way today, utilized as a key driver and enabler of successful digital transformations for businesses. 

    Unlike traditional DX which was tied to a finite set of rules and often able to collect data yet not learn from it or adapt, AI with its capacity to learn from success and failure brings the ability to be more agile, and be both reactive and predictive. AI’s capability to improve based on data, predictions, and outcomes has resulted in it becoming a leading force in DX. As Global Trade magazine puts it, “AI is now recognized as one of the main enablers of digital transformation in multiple industries.” 

    Earlier this week, Forbes published a piece “Why Do Companies Need Digital Transformation?” which offers six rationales why companies need to concern themselves with DX:

    • 1. Keeping up with customer expectations
    • 2. Improved efficiency
    • 3. Competitive advantage
    • 4. Cost savings
    • 5. Enhanced security
    • 6. Increased agility

    It is notable that most– if not all– of these factors mentioned are able to be positively impacted by infusing AI into DX efforts. Also, several of these factors are related to customer experiences (CX)– some very directly, such as customer expectations, some more indirectly, such as increased agility. 

    In addition, in a recent report addressing all three disciplines of AI, DX, and CX, “The Role of AI in CX Transformation”, Customer Contact Week arrived at several important ways that AI can positively impact customer experience. These include: infrastructure, customer experience, agent efficiency, and decisioning. 

    Clearly, there is a great opportunity at the intersection of AI, DX, and CX, and many good business outcomes that can be theoretically achieved, but at the end of the day, your customer’s perception of how satisfied they were with their customer experience is a very telling “real-life” practical indicator of how successful these efforts are in the mind of the consumer, and if they will be a churn risk.

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