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Six Ways to Lose a Customer in 2023: How AI Can Help You Avoid These Contact Center Pitfalls and Never Lose a Customer Again

Never Lose a Customer Again
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  • The 2023 new year brings with it 12 months of opportunity to delight your customers via your contact center. The flip side of that is there are also just as many chances to disappoint or turn away customers. There are plenty of lengthy new year’s resolutions lists making the rounds, but one of the most important resolutions your contact center can put on its short list is to never lose a customer again to mistakes that could have been easily avoided by utilizing artificial intelligence solutions.

    If we have a look at how to lose a customer via the contact center, we can then compare and contrast that with how contact centers can instead utilize an AI-savvy platform to consistently deliver a great customer experience. Using AI-savvy solutions not only can help you never lose a customer again, but also be helpful in effectively meeting best practices compliance standards. 

    Never lose a customer again

    Six ways to lose a customer in 2023 via the contact center:

    1) If a customer voices dissatisfaction, ignore customer churn risk and don’t take action.

    LEVEL AI TIP: Utilize AI to identify which categories of interactions have high churn threats, allowing your contact center team to anticipate and then thoughtfully respond to churn risks.

    2) Keep an already frustrated customer on hold for a long while you take your time to search for a scripted answer to their question.

    LEVEL AI TIP: AI contact center intelligence tools help agents get the answers they need in real-time without having to make the customer wait.

    3) If a group of customers all report the same concern or product defect, ignore the trend.

    LEVEL AI TIP: AI contact center intelligence enables data insights about trending concerns.

    4) Continue to have low visibility into contact center conversations by monitoring only 2% of your interactions.

    LEVEL AI TIP: AI-powered contact center quality assurance software allows for monitoring of 100% of interactions, so you won’t miss opportunities for agent coaching, process optimization, and CX improvement.

    5) Continue investing in legacy text analytics CX solutions without embracing the new generation of AI technologies. 

    LEVEL AI TIP: Leverage AI to detect customer intent and fully understand the context of your customer’s issues and concerns and never lose a customer again. Don’t miss out on the insights from customer conversations.

    6) Ignore PCI and KYC compliance, and subject your customers to fraud and identity theft. 

    LEVEL AI TIP: An AI platform can prompt agents to complete compliance tasks consistently.

    We at Level AI wish you and your contact center teams a very happy and successful 2023– a year filled with great customer experiences! For more information about our Level AI AI-first SaaS contact center intelligence platform, visit www.thelevel.ai and schedule a demo today.