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QA Dashboard Enhancements – An Overview

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  • We want to provide more context to QAs right on their dashboard. To do that, we looked at our existing QA dashboard and made a few small, yet significant UI improvements. This included redesigning some of the existing widgets and adding new widgets, charts, and filters. 

    We redesigned the Evaluations Done widget. The improved widget will now show channel-wise split (calls, emails, and so on). The widget will also compare the QAs daily average against the org average.

    We’ve added a new section to display disputed conversations. Clicking this would directly take the QA to the list of disputed conversations. 

    We have also added a new widget titled “Questions negatively affecting QA score”. It displays the top 5 rubric questions  that are negatively affecting the QA score of agents. QAs or Managers can use them to view which part of the rubric most agents are struggling with.

    We’ve added a new filter to the Conversation Tag widget. You can now choose between “Most triggered tags” and “Most unfollowed tags”. 

    We have added a new chart to the dashboard titled Evaluation per agent.  It shows agent-wise QA evaluation results that are split based on support channels. 

    In the QA Score chart on the dashboard, you can now hover over the bar toview the QA Outcome (Pass/Fail) for the agent.

    Note: The dashboard experience might vary depending on the user role.