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Demystifying GenAI: Separating Fact from Fiction in Contact Center Technology

Are you curious about the latest advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can revolutionize your contact center operations?

GenAI, the cutting-edge blend of AI technologies, promises to elevate your contact center to new heights, but understanding its real capabilities amidst all the hype can be challenging.

Join us and learn how we demystify GenAI & address the facts & misconceptions surrounding this transformative technology.

Here’s what you’ll learn:​

  • Separating Reality from Myths: Get a comprehensive understanding of what GenAI can truly accomplish in the context of contact centers and how it can drive tangible results.
  • Practical Implementations: Discover real-life use cases and success stories where GenAI has been integrated into contact centers, streamlining operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • The Future of GenAI: Gain insights into the future developments of GenAI, and how it is expected to evolve and shape the contact center landscape.

Featured Speakers

Ashish Nagar

Ashish Nagar

Level AI | Founder & CEO

Ashish is the Founder and CEO of Level AI. Before Level AI, Ashish was a lead Product Manager on Amazon Alexa’s Conversational AI team.

Abhimanyu Talwar

Level AI | Head of Machine Learning, Engineering

Abhimanyu is the Head of Machine Learning at Level AI. Prior to Level AI, Abhimanyu was the founder of QuickFin.AI.

Grasp the true potential of GenAI and its role in transforming contact centers.