Mastering Complex Calls with Manager/Agent Assist: Live Q&A

Tuesday, July 30, 2024
10 AM PST | 1 PM EST

Online marketplaces are all about delivering amazing customer experiences. However, with products and policies changing all the time, keeping agents on top of things is a huge challenge. How can you make sure your team stays ahead of the game? The answer is Real-Time AI Solutions.

Join us on July 30th for a special Q&A session with Michaela Conserva from ezCater to learn:

  • Challenges faced by online marketplace contact center agents.
  • How real-time assistance can help agents handle complex calls and reduce customer churn.
  • Key strategies for contact center success and boosting agent efficiency with real-time AI assistance.

Featured Speakers

Michaela Conserva
Level AIQA Strategist & Leader
Seasoned leader with over 10 years of substantial experience building high-performance, cross-functional teams in QA and customer experience from the ground up.
Ian Goh
Level AIGroup Product Manager
Ex-Bain product & strategy professional with experience finding Product-Market Fit. His focus has been on new products based on AI (primarily LLMs, deep learning and computer vision)


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