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Mastering QA Excellence: Unveiling First 100%-Automated QA Solution – On Demand Webinar

The next level of Auto-QA is here! For the first time, Auto-QA can auto-score nearly 100% of your organization's custom evaluation forms with near human accuracy. Join us on this momentous launch.

Join us and learn about the latest in quality assurance automation:

Here’s what you’ll learn:​

  • How to scale up your QA efforts without ballooning costs
  • Become an AI connoisseur, identify AI that works for you
  • A peek at the revolutionary AI behind our new 100% Auto-QA
  • How our Auto-QA solution will work with your scorecards and evaluation metrics.

Featured Speakers

Ashish Nagar

Ashish Nagar

Level AI | Founder & CEO

Ashish is the Founder and CEO of Level AI. Before Level AI, Ashish was a lead Product Manager on Amazon Alexa’s Conversational AI team.

Abhimanyu Talwar

Level AI | Head of Machine Learning, Engineering

Abhimanyu is the Head of Machine Learning at Level AI. Prior to Level AI, Abhimanyu was the founder of QuickFin.AI.

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