Level AI

Unveiling the Future of Customer Experience: Humanizing AI with Level AI & Vista

In this engaging Fireside Chat, we explore the future of customer experience and the remarkable fusion of human interaction with cutting-edge AI technology. Our distinguished guest, Paul Harraghy, Vista's VP of CARE, will share insights, strategies, and success stories that redefine how businesses can elevate customer satisfaction in the digital age.

📌 Key Discussion Points:

- Bridging the gap between AI and human touch in customer service

- Real-world examples of AI enhancing customer care

- Strategies for seamless AI integration in your business

- Navigating the evolving landscape of customer expectations


Christian Lunoe

Level AI | Director of Enterprise Sales

Responsible for leading a dynamic team focused on helping businesses transform their customer engagement strategy & leveraging customer insights using Level AI’s industry-leading AI solutions.

Paul Harraghy

Vista | Vice President of CARE

Paul Harraghy is an experienced CX and Change leader working to improve the customer experience at Vista. Vista is the design and marketing partner to millions of small businesses around the world. 

Join us for a conversation with Paul Harragy, VP of CARE at VISTA