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Product details
Product details

Trusted by customer service leaders across the world

What Makes Level AI Special

The AI First Product That You Can Trust Built From The Ground Up

One Stop Solution for Contact Center Automation

End-to-end CX, intelligence, QA, and automation offering.

Augment and Automate to Empower

Eliminate manual workflows so teams focus on what matters most.

Secure, Customizable Generative AI

Enterprise-ready Generative AI built from the ground up to be secure

Real-time intelligence you can trust

Actionable, proactive insights for every interaction in real-time.

Transform your CX at Scale

With a complete end-to-end contact center platform powered by cutting-edge generative AI that removes the busywork so you and your team can focus on what you do best – deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Retaining loyal agents and customers

Gen AI based 100% Auto QA solution that transparently automates QA for your organization’s custom scorecard on every channel (call, chat, or email) at near 100% accuracy.

Make Every Agent a Star Performer

Empower agents to deliver exceptional customer experiences with AI-generated coaching plans, evidence-based feedback, transparent progress tracking, open communication, and victory celebrations.

Truly understand your customers

Level AI identifies customer feedback, actionable insights, trends, anomalies, and sentiment in real-time from 100% of your customer interactions.

Immediately actionable business insights

From call center data and QA reports to valuable business insights like customer and product analytics; all the AI-enabled analytics you need, available out of the box from day one.

Rapidly unlock your team’s full potential

Reduce onboarding time by 50% and accelerate learning with GPT-driven, omniscient AI that surfaces 2X more accurate information in real-time.

The Results with Level AI

A track record of proven metrics
increase in CSAT
increase in ASAT (Agent Satisfaction)
time saved in QA monitoring
better insights into the business

LevelAI named a Gartner Cool Vendor in Customer Service & Support Technology

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Gives you and your customer service team super powers


Level AI Business Outcomes

CX and Service Improvement

Enhance CX and service quality with automated, impartial, and objective monitoring of every single customer interaction to your exact standards. Get deep insights into the drivers of CX across the organization. Learn how one of our customers saved over $30 million by leveraging Level AI's QA-GPT.

Productivity and Scale

Scale your contact center to new heights by fully automating QA and call disposition, increasing first-call resolution with real-time assistance, and 5x faster targeted interaction reviews and coaching.

Add value and contribute to growth

Increase revenue with real-time AI that identifies upsell opportunities, buyer reactions, and more to prompt the next best actions. Employ cutting-edge generative AI to proactively identify areas of product improvement.


Trusted partner for our customers

We never take our customers’ and partners’ trust for granted, and your success is our command.

Customer intelligence


Contact Center Leaders

Streamline operations across all the areas of your contact center, from onboarding new support agents, coaching, managing team performance, identifying actionable insights for business growth, and more.

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Supercharge your performance with real-time AI guidance for the next best actions, instant post-call dispositions, contextual information from past calls and knowledgebases, and more!

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CX Leaders

Turn your CX team from reactive to proactive with deep generative AI powered insights that get to the root cause and quantify even potentially unknown customer issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is customer intelligence?

Customer intelligence (CI) refers to the process of collecting, analyzing, and interpreting data about your customers to gain insights into their needs, preferences, and behaviors. This information can be used to improve various aspects of your business, such as marketing, product development, and customer service.

How can customer intelligence benefit my business?

Personalize customer experiences: Tailor your offerings and interactions to individual needs.
Identify customer trends: Gain insights into emerging preferences and market shifts.
Improve product development: Create products and services that resonate with your target audience.
Boost customer satisfaction: Proactively address customer concerns and deliver exceptional service

What is conversational intelligence?

Conversational intelligence is a subset of Customer Intelligence that focuses specifically on analyzing customer interactions through voice and text channels. This includes phone calls, live chats, emails, and social media messages.

What is service automation?

Service automation refers to the use of technology to automate manual tasks traditionally performed by customer service agents. This can include tasks like:

  • Real time AI assistance for agents
  • Post call disposition
  • Scoring agent performance in customer interactions
  • Automated identification of unknown customer pain points
What is Level AI?

Level AI offers a suite of advanced artificial intelligence solutions, leveraging the latest generative AI and semantic intelligence technologies, that improve customer experience, greatly increase operational efficiency, and transform service & contact center teams into hubs of competitive advantage, insightful business intelligence, and growth.


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