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Announcing Level AI’s Series A Fundraise

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August 25 2021
Blog /Press / Announcing Level AI’s Series A Fundraise

There is a generational debate in our society on the role of AI in our workplaces.

On one side are the folks who prophesize a mass robotized world where AI leads to massive job loss with automation. Level AI is on the other side of this debate.

At Level AI, we believe AI will be a transformative force, to multiply the productivity of humans but not replace them. AI will give superpowers to the millions of workers doing rote jobs and help them focus on the most value-added elements.

I started Level AI with this conviction and to bring the benefits of rapid enhancements in language understanding technology to the enterprise.

Over the next decade, machines’ ability to understand human language will be the largest improvement in AI capabilities. Level AI will drive this technology transformation within the enterprise, starting with the customer service function.

Customers are at the center of everything we do at Level AI. Customers’ divine discontent powers us every day to make the best product possible. We are incredibly thankful to our enterprise partners with whom we are serving 30+ major brands.

Our Next Step in Transforming Customer Experience

To deliver on the customer promise, Level AI has assembled an incredible team and patient visionary investors like Neeraj Agrawal (from Battery Ventures behind Amplitude, Marketo, Pendo, Kustomer, and others), Hadley Harris (from ENIAC Ventures behind Attentive, and others).

Today we are announcing our Series A fundraise and inviting you to join us if you share our passion. We are fired up and just getting started on this mission.

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