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Omniscient AI is Coming to Your Contact Center: Announcing QA-GPT by Level AI

How a  large charter bus company  leveraged AI to drive contact center operational excellence and disrupt the charter vehicle industry

The Challenge

Chartering a vehicle for group transport was never straightforward; it was hours of calling different operators, giving them detailed itineraries, and waiting days to get a quote. One company aims to revolutionize this process and bring the industry to the information age. Their goal is to help customers charter a vehicle in under 60 seconds with real-time availability, tracking, and pricing, bringing unmatched customer experience.

They have a few big challenges to solve, though. The company relies on a contact center with a wide gulf between agent performances. The best agents were converting 40% of potential customers, with the low end doing just 15%. The quality of interactions varied widely across the board, and the QA process relies on a small number of randomly selected interactions and all manual grading. QA teams lacked insights into the drivers & behaviors of top reps vs. lower-performing reps. Their coaching efforts were also hampered by limited oversight and daily coaching for a substantial team of customer-facing agents in CX and sales.

Agent ramp-up was another key challenge with an ad-hoc training process that lacked the support and training for agents to move the needle in sales. This led to the company struggling to evolve its contact center from order-taking & support to proactive sales.

The Transformation

They were on the lookout for a game-changing solution to address their needs. In particular, they were looking for the following capabilities in a contact center AI (CCAI) solution:

  • Enhanced coaching to improve CX outcomes and drive business growth
  • Automated QA to alleviate the burden on team leaders and supervisors to review basic questions
  • Real-time AI support to effectively reduce the training time for agents
  • Instant identification of emerging trends and identification of key contact drivers
  • Automation of post-call busy work to improve agent productivity
  • Effective process monitoring and root cause analysis
  • Automated customer insights for data-driven decision making.

After reviewing solutions from multiple competitors, they chose Level AI as their CCAI partner due to the quality of the QA, coaching, and VoC offerings. 

The Level AI Advantage

Level AI brings QA-GPT, a revolutionary Auto-QA solution that reviews 100% of their customer interactions using the same scorecard as human evaluators and just as accurately! To go that extra step further, the AI provides evidence and reasoning to back up its scores so QA agents can trust the Auto-QA scores. This was perfect for the company as their old QA process covered under 4% of customer interactions, leaving large blindspots. 

Level AI also provides a real-time AI solution that helps agents by surfacing relevant and actionable information during a conversation. It identifies cross/upselling opportunities, next best actions, and knowledgebase search from documentation and past interactions helping every agent convert like the best. It also automates post-call disposition, including categorization, summaries, and more. Level AI is also committed to bringing the onboarding time for new agents. New agents will be hitting sales targets within 12 weeks.

The cherry on the cake was Level AI’s VoC Insights. It revolutionizes customer feedback and brings deep customer insights across the organization. VoC insights unlocks the power of the customer’s voice with generative AI. It finds hidden trends, emerging themes, and root causes of issues in real-time and makes it available to the whole company with rich, prebuilt persona-specific dashboards that bring the power of customer insights and slice the data with relevant business metrics like CLV, products purchased, etc. enabling data-driven decision making for every team. 

The company is now well-equipped to tackle the charter industry and deliver on its promise of enabling customers to charter a vehicle in under 60 seconds! Learn how you can bring your next-level customer intelligence and service automation to your contact center. Schedule a demo today!

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